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Has anybody had further Tia

While on medication

I am on dabiigitran plus perindopril and simavaststin

Had a unexplained symptom in a cafe in Edinburgh not sure it was a Tia or blood pressure


My anxiety levels are sky high

I'm seem to be hyperventilating

I've just been diagnosed with irregular heart beat

After a Tia

Regards littlejim

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Hi Littlejim and wlecome to the forum.

Any form of TIA is very scary indeed so my heart goes out to you right now, and my thoughts with you.

OK you've been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, did they say it was A Fib?, only there are other forms, and then you are on an anti-coagulant Dabigitran, which is great news as the major challenge with A Fib is stroke, so that will help a lot. Were you on this before the TIA?.

And then an Ace inhibitor, which is a rate control drug for your heart and to reduce blood pressure, and lastly a choleserol/lipd control drug,again were these prescribed before or after the TIA?

Lets assume that you have been diagnosed with A Fib, as you have come to this forum, and just run through a few things

The major issues with AF is stroke risk, and that needs to be lowered by use of an anti-coagulant which you are one. So that's good news.

Just having the irregular beat by itself is unlikely to cause you too many other problems, there are two main types of A Fib, permament (like me) my heart is always irregular, never stays in rhythm for even a few minutes, or paroxsymal, were sufferers are in NSR (normal sinus rhyhm) most of the time, then have attacks or incidents where ther heart jumps out of rhythym and into A Fib.

Most of use who are permament, don't necessarily have high heart rates or blood pressure, but we are on warfarin or similar and most of us take rate control drugs. Most of those who are paroxysmal have very unpleasant incidents, where their heart rate shoots up sometimes for long periods of time. Some are hospitalised.

So for you.

You need to calm the anxiety because that is not helping you, and the best way to do this is to understand the condition, the AFA website has dozens of leaflets and information sheets about all aspects of A Fib, so go there and read away. In fact read twice you won't take it all in the first time.

The hyperventilating may be associated with the anxiety, so the same as above really. We all know what it feels like to be diagnosed it's very scary.

The AFA have a patients helpline why not ring them tomorrow, I am guessing that speaking to someone and epxressing all the fears and them understanding the challenges will really help.

Lastly feel free to ask away here, we are not medically qualified, simply all sufferers like you, and eager to help, support and simply be here for any questions anyone might have

It's a complex condition, but the thing to remember is that it is seldom life threatening, it just feels that ways at times.

Wishing you the best



Hi Ian

Thank you for your reply

All this happened six week ago I lost my sight in my right eye

Which has mostly returned

I had a feeling rough lightheaded episode

In cafe it lasted 10 mins

I'm really worried about having stroke

I'm waiting to see the hospital consultant

I'm not sure what a Fib I have

Many thanks again Ian



Is the a in your last sentence Jim an indefinite article? Atrial Fibrillation (A Fib). You may need to take Ian's advice and do some reading about this condition.


Tia, Do you think it was a panic attack, I had that once, I have Af an I panicked, kept shaking, teeth chattering it was horrendous and frighteningxxx


Welcome to the forum. It can be so frightening when you have a panic attack or when AF has its way with your heart ..... we have all been there and it is scary when your heart goes out of rhythm .I was in Iceland shopping when I had my first full blown episode ; and I was terrified ....

I read everything I can and the people on here have been fantastic in giving me info & support; also they have helped me realise that as horrible as it is AF doesn't have to have to control all of my life. You seem to be on all the meds ...but do ring and talk to the helpline...that's why they're there.

Write all your questions memory goes AWOL when I ask consultant or take someone with you ...its a lot to take in but you will be ok.....

And ask away on here.... everyone will do their best to help..



Hi Littlejim,

Sorry to hear you are having a bad time of it. I have had most of your symptoms after a huge AFib episode. My Cardiologist asked my GP to refer me to a Neurologist as my symptoms (same as the ones you describe) 'could not all be laid at the door of AFib'.

The Neurologist said I had not had a TIA and tests came back clear. He put it down to panic attacks saying the huge AF bout had thrown my system into chaos.

I felt reassured but believe me the symptoms had me convinced I had something really amiss. It never ceases to amaze me how ill you can feel with a panic attack.

However that was my experience and I would definitely go back if the symptoms came back (they lasted about 3 months).

Please don't sit and worry get checked out and insist on relevant tests to rule things out. You will feel better once you have a clear diagnosis. If it is panic attack then cognitive behavioral therapy may help. But get a clear diagnosis first, don't just assume.

Good luck



Hi everybody

Thank you for all your very helpful comments

I'm am going to try get my anxiety under control and get my appetite back

I have to take one day at a time

With all your help and the hospital I hope I can get my life back again

Once again many thanks for your help

Little jim


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