?Stroke or TIA? Information required please

Would anyone who had a stroke or TIA when their AF had been diagnosed but they had not received anti coagulation please e mail me at info@surreyasg.co.uk asap with details.

I am attending the Kings Fund AF day in London on Thursday and also still doing battle with our CCG over this so any patient accounts which help to persuade them to act will help to prevent others having strokes,

Many thanks,



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10 Replies

  • Sorry I cant email but I was diagnosed with Paroxysmal AF in June.on the second occassion of being blue lighted to A&E and was given bisoprolol 2.5 mg to take daily but nothing else . I have an appointment to see a cardiologist on 5th Oct. Ive been to see my GP scince worried and needing advice and reassurance about my condition but anticoagulants were not given and after feeling my pulse for a few seconds GP told me to stop worrying as I was asymptomatic and in NSR and to go home and go about my life and to not let it stop me living. I was wondering was I supposed to be on some anticoagulant aswell for protection from stroke untill I see the Cardiologist?

    Kazibo (Karen)

  • Hi Karen

    Are you able to look up the AFA website? You can work out your ChadVasc score there which tells you whether you should be anti-coagulated and Hasbled score which tells you your bleeding risk .

    If you find you should be anti-coagulated do go back and show the results to your GP- in any case, make sure you ask your cardiologist about this make sure he/she know you are not anti-coagulated at present.

    You can also find the NICE patient decision making aid on the NICE website which helps.

    Hope you stay well

  • Not a direct response to your request Rosy but a comment. I have noticed in the last few weeks a huge increase in the number of posts on this forum from AF sufferers who mention that they had a stroke/TIA before they were put on anticoagulants.

    I'd be interested to know whether the responses you receive substantiate that.

  • Yes. I had a very minor TIA but it was one.Husband called 999(several years ago) and they took me immediately to A and E. THEN after investigation that day and night I was given Warfarin.Had AF already but it was only being vaguely acknowledged.

  • thank you Ginger cats!

  • Hi Rosie. I am on holiday so cant use email so hope this will do. I was under investigation for an on going intermittent fast irregular heartbeat which we couldn't catch on an e.c..g. despite heart monitors (24 hour), trips to A. And E (always back in sinus rhythm by the time I got there ) e.t.c. e.t.c.

    Then over a period of 18 months I had 3 T.I.A.s variously diagnosed as panic attacks or migraine. After the third unsuccessful trip to A.and E. My G.P. sent me to a stroke consultant for tests. While I was there he actually listened to my heart ( shock horror ) and found I was in A.F. so surmised I had T.I.A.s not migraine. He recommended warfarin but getting my G.P. to prescribe it for me was another nightmare. Anyway I have been on it for nearly 4 years and no more T.I.A.s

    Hope that is useful. X

  • Hi, Many thanks- very helpful!

    Hope you are enjoying the trip!

    Best wishes


  • Yes,I suffered a TIA whilst in a severe AF episode (diagnosed 3years before). ,GP and Stroke Physician both said to continue with the aspirin (which obviously wasn't working) but the senior arrhythmia nurse stressed the urgency to anticoagulate. Taken warfarin since (March 2013) and no more TIA's.

  • could you send full details by e mail to info@surreyasg.co.uk and kindly say if I can pass the information on when campaigning!!

    Glas all is well now,


  • Yes I had a stroke as a result of PAF about 18 months after diagnosis, I had been taking Flecanide and 375mg of soluble Aspirin a day so was uncoagulated, after the stroke I was put on Warfarin. This was in 2000

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