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Can I just express my unconditional support for the moderators of this forum, and indeed for the whole of Trudie and Jo's team at the AF Association.

I moderate another forum, and I know from hard experience that the job of the moderator can range from difficult to impossible.

Everything often goes fine for ages, until a line of discussion starts to go potentially awry and you really do have to second guess what may come next.

Let it run past a certain point, and damage may be done in terms of behaviour towards an individual who may get hurt when participating in a forum where they should only be receiving the positives of help and support.

Act too early, and you will inevitably be criticised for over-reaction.

Whatever you do, there will generally be someone who will disagree with your action or inaction.

That said, I have had people I have moderated who apologise for their unacceptable behaviour.

Well done AFA moderators for keeping this forum positive and on the rails.

Regards, Chris H

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Thank you very much for your continued support Chris!

We all appreciate it.


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I second Chris's comments, sometimes you're damned if you do and the same if you don't. Think you do a grand job.



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