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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Good morning,

I have so much more I wanted to say about nutrition, but I just didn't have the strength. :(

I am sick too, so my husband and I try to help each other. my disease is genetic and I worry about my husband so i dont sleep much

I wanted to give you a list of foods that are healing and can fight some cancers.








56 Replies
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Thank you !

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Lrv44221 in reply to BB_1

You are welcome,🥦

I have always included most of your list in our diets for a long time. It's not going to change his genetic mutation since birth.

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Lrv44221 in reply to NotAlwaysSunshine

thanks for sharring🌹

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DaveBSD in reply to NotAlwaysSunshine

It certainly won't eliminate or reverse the genetic component, but diet can possibly reduce or counter the genetic expression.

"Nutrition is a modifiable key factor that is able to interact with both the genome and epigenome to influence human health and fertility." - Genes and Diet in the Prevention of Chronic Diseases in Future Generations, National Library of Medicine

Dietary choices may not change the underlying genetic cause of diseases, but many diseases can be helped by diet - sometimes the next best thing to a cure.

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All food I commonly eat... Thanks for comformation that eating well is good for you...

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Lrv44221 in reply to Shooter1


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Thank you.

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Lrv This is a great list. helpful, Thank you! I would add, make sure you choose organic products, especially your grains. Organic oatmeal is not that much more in cost then regular. Hydrating is everything, but add a little salt and lemon to that water. Salmon, nothing farm raised. Costco Has a good fresh caught frozen salmon, it’s pretty good. Avocado, so good for you, did you know adding to a smoothie makes it creamy and delish, can’t even tell, for those of you that need the extra nutritional boost and hate the thought of eating something green and slimy. Whey protein, lots of it as the cancer is eating everything. Just my added thoughts, take it or leave it’s ok… we are all in this together!

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Lrv44221 in reply to Miomarito

Thanks. I was going to say organic but then I thought that would not get read. I did mention blueberries in one of my posts that are frozen because i could not afford the others, but I guess I should have said ORGANIC Maybe write me a private mail if you want?

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Lrv, I will pm you...when the organic blueberries are on sale, I buy them, wash them lay them out to dry, then I freeze them for our smoothies. I did the same for the organic strawberries. I also cut up banana's, same thing bag and freeze.

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Lrv44221 in reply to Miomarito

super. I do the same. I have 3 frozen Bananas that I need to put in my smoothies tomorrow

Looking fwd to your PM LRV

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Karmaji in reply to Lrv44221

Have a look into epigenetics .....

EPINUTRITION : No sugar, less carbs, local grown vegetables, less meat

If possible, do intermittent fasting

If possible exercise....

Mind set of Choiceless Awareness....I am not body

Supplements....which ?

Each person is unique and we have to have an approach adapted to one self...

There is a general protocol for a disease and then one has to consider personal

protocol...a sort of individual clinical therapy ...there I am alone and very rare medical guys will help as they are stuck up with imposed protocols....

Avoid wishful thinking but have mindset of patient power...I take my health care into my hands, and medical guys are one part of my story...We are all unique though one part is common for all...READ WORK IN EPIGENETICS

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Lrv44221 in reply to Karmaji

Good morning and thank you for this great post.

I believe in epigenetics too. Keep healing as i know you are.....🌹🥦🍏💖

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spencoid2 in reply to Miomarito

Stay away from the Costco Norwegian farmed salmon, it is poison. Neighbors said how good it tasted, unlike other farmed salmon so we checked reviews online. It seems it is really toxic probably like all farmed salmon. We buy only wild caught and recently got a good deal on almost 40 pounds most of which is frozen now.

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who did farm raised kill??????

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IDK we all grew up that way lol👍

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DaveBSD in reply to maley2711

Nobody said it killed anyone!!!!!

Oops, sorry, I forgot one exclamation mark. Here it is: !

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Lrv44221 in reply to spencoid2

Yes, I agree you have to be careful. WE buy wild salmon too and it is tasty🥦👍

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spencoid2 in reply to Lrv44221

smoked salmon omelet for a late breakfast today. lightly smoked that i did myself. we were buying wild salmon from Costco but who know what it really is. We got almost 40 lbs of very fresh local salmon that we are very sure is wild. one clue is the amount of gelatin that is released when it is cooked. This does not happen with cardboard farmed salmon.

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You got the 40lbs where?

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spencoid2 in reply to homer13

can't say, it is not strictly legal :) you can PM me for details

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maley2711 in reply to Miomarito

when I see convincing evidence that eating "organic" increases longevity, I'll see how much more I want to buget for that. Generally farm-raised fish fits our "wild caught"

Both misused terms.....all food is organic in composition

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Lrv44221 in reply to maley2711

Do what you think is best........😀

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Sorry about your lack of sleep and worry. I know you mean only good intentions.

Yes its a nice selection of quality foods. I think it can be referred to as a 'Non American diet'

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Lrv44221 in reply to jac_j_sp

yes the American diet is a sad diet.🍏

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ARIES29 in reply to Lrv44221

Yes same here in OZ, expensive or hard to get healthy food.

I love the frozen salmon by the way & thanks for your post.

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Lrv44221 in reply to ARIES29


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Thanks for your information. Will you please let us know the ideal quantity per a day?

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Lrv44221 in reply to Blackwildhorse

I don't think there is a quantity. Just eating that way is going to heal your body. My large salads are huge, the size of a diner plate that is piled high🥦

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Sorry to hear that you're sick too. That's a good list of food that I don't believe anyone would argue against. We eat organically grown whenever possible too.I would reiterate that regular weight bearing and cardio exercise is even more important.

Best wishes to you and your husband.

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Lrv44221 in reply to Benkaymel

Yes, cardio ad weigh bearing is excellent.🏋️🏃‍♂️

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The foods you list are also on my list and we do everything possible for survival. My wife has oesophageal cancer and been battling it since 2020 with her lung cancer in remission at the moment. I have Prostate cancer since 2020, Gleason 9, brachy, ebrt and ADT currently. Diet, or rather eating foods of benefit is important as is exercise and positive attitude. I wish you and your husband all the best in your own struggles. And thank you for your post.

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Lrv44221 in reply to tad4

You are very welcome. I am glad you can remain positive. I believe your great attitude🦚🌹 will help you heal.🦋🍏

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Dear Lrv,

I am saddened by the news that both you and your husband are not doing well while battling your diseases. Hopefully things will improve with time and the advancements of new meds/therapies, etc.

Regarding your lack of sleep, an old doctor friend of mine that used to prescribe pills for me always said that; "Taking a little medication to relax me and put me to sleep was far less detrimental to my health than sleep deprivation." I have been taking sleeping meds for over 30 years and still am not aware of any negative symptoms that I've acquired from their usage. I am very cautious not to overdue my intake and normally bit a 2 mg tablet of Clonazepam (or comparable med) in half. My doctor friend used to prescribe 5 mg capsules of Temazepam for me which also worked well.

Thank you for your contributions to the comrades on this site and do continue to stay with us!

My best to you and your husband,


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Lrv44221 in reply to ronronHU

Thank you so much for your help with my sleep. I appreciate your time helping me👍

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ronronHU in reply to Lrv44221

I hope you try something to relax you?

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Lrv44221 in reply to ronronHU

I will thank You.🌹

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Those foods I’ve been eating most of my life. They are delicious. But then I like just about everything that’s put on my plate. Not picky. In fact I have an adventurous palette. I don’t know where you live but if you can get some THC/CBD gummies and take one 2 hours before you go to bed you will sleep like a newborn kitten. Many brands out there but I particularly like what’s in the photo. Cheers! And happy eating to everyone during the upcoming Thanksgiving.

Froot Gummies
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Lrv44221 in reply to anonymoose2

thank You I am still trying to find the froot gummies🌹🍏.

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anonymoose2 in reply to Lrv44221

They are manufactured in California so I don’t know if they are available in other states. They have a website you could contact them.

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I’ve had all those foods in my diet for the last thirty years, it didn’t stop me from getting Stage 4B metastatic disease…

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Great list💙

I try and consume a Rainbow of colors of fruits/veggies. The phytochemicals are beneficial and there are so many that have yet to be researched

I grow Broccoli sprouts and eat them with Spicy Brown mustard on whole wheat bread, with lean ham.

During my 16 hour IF(Intermittent Fasting) I sip on broth and I use tomato paste (Lycopene), curry, garlic, ginger, cabbage

I also do 3 workouts/day - Elliptical , stepper in am. Body weight calisthenics pre Break Fast and a night hike before dinner

Fight on, Eat on, Fast on, Workout On


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Lrv44221 in reply to dockam

You do it so well. I was thinking that a little quick snack that is nutritious is:

diced tomatoes, black olives, onions, cucumber, garlic and anything else you might like. for me it would be a little bit of salmon.

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Lrv44221 in reply to dockam

can you tell me how to private message please

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dockam in reply to Lrv44221

We have that Chat function with the paper airplane icon above

Fight on, Write on


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Lrv44221 in reply to dockam

ok thank you🦊🦊

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You have mentioned in a couple of posts that you are very ill. Since, you know all about us, are you willing to share your condition with us? It is helpful in understanding your circumstances better.

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Lrv44221 in reply to dmt1121

gosh I thought I said i had health issues, sorry if i said i was very ill.

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dmt1121 in reply to Lrv44221

Perhaps I misread your post. You just mentioned it a couple of times, so it seemed serious.

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Lrv44221 in reply to dmt1121

perhaps i mistyped not to worry. 🌹

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👍 Not leaving no stones unturned.

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I eat most of these foods regularly, still got prostate cancer. I've added pizza to the list.

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Lrv44221 in reply to cancerfox


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Thanks for this great post. As many here confirm we have all gravitated around these foods with time. One thing which interests me is - do we destroy the nutrients if we cook them - or should we be eating more raw stuff. I remember that tomatoes are more beneficial after cooking??

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Here is how scientists think..........all diffrently so do what is best for you. :)🌹

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