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If you are into debulking - FLASH radiotherapy cancer treatment aces first human trial

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This seems like sbrt on steroids

They say nothing about prostate cancer but they do mention painful bone tumors.

FLASH radiotherapy cancer treatment aces first human trial


It delivers a dose of radiation that’s over 300 times higher than traditional radiation therapy in just a fraction of a second. This induces something called the “FLASH effect” — a not-entirely-understood phenomenon in which the radiation still attacks the tumor, but doesn’t harm surrounding tissue.

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Thanks, very interesting. I hope it will work.

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if it works it will be a game changer.

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wait wait.

This is the same as FLASH radiotherapy, only with protons????

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I'm the LoL

The article said radiation, nothing about protons.

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Its the new Internet journalism economy.

The writers are overworked and underpaid pumping out too many articles in too little time.

With way too many typos, errors, etc.

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While interesting, it would be a very long way off before this would be covered by insurance for Prostate Cancer patients in my opinion. And therefore this has no practical value to anyone needing treatment anytime in the near future, or at least until such a time that they actually create larger trials where prostate cancer patients are eligible. There's really nothing even close to being conclusive in this article as far as long-term effectiveness due to the newness of the treatment and short follow-up time.

The article's description of traditional radiation therapy is also woefully incomplete and just describes what amounts to the oldest treatment modality. Most patients these days are doing SBRT which is typically 5 treatments over 10 or so days (one treatment every other day).

It could be more effective treatment for bone metastases to offer temporary pain relief but radiation unfortunately doesn't cure Prostate Cancer that has progressed to distant metastases. So this is mainly possibly promising to those that in the future may find themselves at a very late stage in disease progression.

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cesces in reply to jazj

"Most patients these days are doing SBRT"

I find that difficult to believe. I suspect the majority continues to be imrt.

They are focusing on bone tumors. This is radiation or protons (only at higher than traditional intensity, not a new drug.

This has potential to move faster than you might expect.

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