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Dizziness after eligard

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Good evening ,

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me with my question/ concern.

My father has started to experience some symptoms after the second eligard more often than after he took his first eligard shot.

He is experiencing dizziness light headaches , back pain and joint pain. The back pain and joint are not as common but he takes aleve and it helps time to time .Is any medicine that can help him with dizziness, it has caused him to reduce his walking/exercise time ? I am trying to contact his doctor for more than a week but it seems they are running short staff and no one picks up the phone.

15 Replies
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Hello Naples ! Good looking out for dad . I ve experienced nausea and dizziness each morning for seven years . I’m now 60 . There are pharma drugs for this . The pharma guys should tell you ? I use high Thc oil and smoke a heavy indica each and every morning . If not , I’d eat nothing and be moody 24-7 . Also ginger ale helps and real fresh organic ginger just micro planned into warm water .. I attribute mine to the pill form adt that I’ve been on this entire time . I was using alleve pm and went into k failure . The nephrologist told me to never use it or other n-saids again . So I haven’t. The joint pains hit me hard also . I started using a glucosomine chondroiten msm complex several months ago per my Nat dr and it has cut the pain by 60% and it’s cheap . The Mo’s know all of our side effcts . Some glaze them over ..Im sorry that you are seeing him suffer . My dad had this also . Love him much . IMO every thing he’s feeling is from adt and simply just having no t aboard . Take care .. ❤️😔

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Hello, naples2021! From your publication, it is not entirely clear what other drugs your father takes, whether he has bone mts, etc. The side effects listed by you may be caused by other reasons and simply coincided with the introduction of the second dose of Eligard.. Again, it is not clear in what dose you injected this drug, in the depot for a month or for three months ..?! All things being equal, you can try to replace Eligard with Zoladex and so by the selection method you can find your drug from the group of LHRH agonists in the ratio of maximum therapeutic effectiveness - minimum side effects! For this reason, it is always better to start therapy with LHRH agonists in monthly doses at the depot, so that, if necessary, an unsuitable drug can be replaced with another one in a month.. There is a drug Degarelix from the group of LHRH antagonists. According to the results of studies, this drug has a minimal number of side effects, but there is one significant drawback, it causes a terrible allergic reaction at the injection site.. It is problematic to wear trousers and underwear!)) In the presence of bone mts, the addition of bone resorption drugs such as Zoledronic acid or Denosumab to ADT therapy helps to cope well with bone pain.. But this is only in consultation with your doctor! Good luck to you and good health to your dad!

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Seasid in reply to RusLand

I am on Degarelix for almost 4 years now and I have no problem with the injections. it is great for pain and I have no side effects. The only downside is that you have to get the injection every 4 weeks. I have no problem with that and I am more in contact with the Oncology. Highly recommend! If you develop real allergy you can go to the emergency. I was there at the start just to make sure everything is ok. A little redness is normal. I just take 300 mg of Aspirin to avoid high temperature. The problems usually start after 5pm and end next morning. I wouldn't change it to anything else. It is the best for your heart.

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Seasid in reply to Seasid

Combine it with statins. I am taking crestor. Start slow and go up untill tolerated.

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RusLand in reply to Seasid

It is possible that only I have such an allergic reaction, although many people I know complain about the same thing.. I took it for 4 months in a row and I always had a huge bruise at the injection site..((I switched to Zoladex 3.6 mg. and have been taking it for 5 years and there are also no side effects and it keeps my T at 0.087 nmol/L for all these years.. Thanks to him! Each organism is individual and what suits one well is not necessarily what suits another, especially when taken simultaneously with other medications.. Therefore, always, if there is such a choice, you need to look for a drug that is most comfortable for you! And I definitely wouldn't experiment on my own with statins without consulting my doctor! This is my opinion!

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Seasid in reply to RusLand

It is normal. It depends how they inject it. It should go deep into the fat tissue. Than you have less problem with the redness. They like to inject it shallow. It is easier for them. They should inject it deeper and very slowly. Longer than 30 second should be the duration of the injection. I am just happy if they injection in 8 never complained for redness or the wrong way they are doing the injection. They also should change sites. If they are not doing it no wonder it is red and painful. As I said I never complained. I am just happy to get the best treatment. If i would complain they would change me to less effective therapy. Degarelix doesn't couse problem with memory. I don't care for pain and temperature. The initial problems go away in less than a day. The redness if they don't give you deep in 3 to 4 days. Find somebody who is doing Degarelix injections for 10 or more years.

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RusLand in reply to Seasid

Don't scratch where it doesn't itch!)) My Zoladex suits me quite well, I have not felt any side effects from its use for a long time! Moreover, I experimentally brought the interval of administration of this drug to once every 45 days (according to the instructions, once every 28 days) without any damage to my T.. Consequently, I have reduced its side effect on other organs by 1.5 times and, first of all, on the cardiovascular system.. All the indicators of my blood are such that you can fly into space at least tomorrow ..)) So everything is fine with me so far, which I wish you! 100%

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Seasid in reply to RusLand

Usually people stay on the same if they are happy. I am fine.

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Just a comment. While there was a Lupron shortage I was switched to Eligard, it gave me much greater intense side effects. I switched back to Lupron and they drecreased back to what they were on Lupron.People will tell you they are the "same thing". But I'll tell you the side effects can be of completely different magnatude.

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Dlanghorne in reply to TJGuy

What side effects in particular increased with Eligard? I also was switched from Lupron to Eligard in Sept 2021 and do feel like the dizziness, weakness, and fatigue have increased. PSA remains undectable so I am progressing. FYI ...I also take 500mg Abiraterone plus 5mg Prednisone daily.

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TJGuy in reply to Dlanghorne

Well on ADT Lupron or Eligard the number of hot flashes doubled to about twenty a day I was aware of on Eligard. They were real drenchers as well with water running off my head and face. Had to change shirts some times. You wipe your face with your hand it it looked like you had just pulled your hand out of water. On Lupron I had 10 or so I was aware of. A few were of the drenched variety. The rest were like a hot light steam.

My memory got so it was hard to remember people or words I had commonly used or how to pronounce them correctly. So my conversations became strained as I searched for words I could remember and often mis pronounced them somewhat.

I'd get lost a bit often taking a wrong road and then using maps to get me where I needed to go.

I just lost the ability I had to quickly figure things out, and my wife started filling in for me and coming up with the kinds of answers I always would have.

My feet and ankles swelled on either ADT.

Muscle strength and stamina were greatly diminished on either.

Just feeling tired and taking a nap every afternoon.

My Blood pressure increased on ADT.

Muscles and ligaments often hurt after hard physical activity.

Incontinence worse on ADT.

Legs and joints hurt to even consider trying to run.

I take a station to reduce cholesterol, Blood pressure med, and now a med for silent reflux which has been causing a cough for quite some time.

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lopwillie in reply to TJGuy

Hello TJGuy. You sound like me a few months ago. From this site, It was suggested, I try estradiol patches for the ADT side effects. I use the small .25mg dose patch. It started working right away. I have been on the Estradiod patch for 4 months. No hot flashes at all, No night sweats at all. My speech and cognitive skills have improved, I was where you are now. I am now able to multi task again and even collect my thought while addressing some group or committee. I used to freeze up, get lost in what I wanted to say and often use the wrong words and shudder. I am back to playing Mexican Train (Dominoes) and cards with my wife and neighbors, and able to keep up. My Doctors are impresses and are putting others on the patch. I thank all of the very bright folks on this site, its the first thing I read each morning. God bless you all. Cheers William

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TJGuy in reply to lopwillie

Great to hear the patch has worked so well for you.

I am currently off ADT to see how salvage radiation and two years of ADT has worked for me. I've been off ADT for six months now watching PSA to see where it goes.

Will you take tamoxifen or have radiation to prevent breast growth?

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lopwillie in reply to TJGuy

TJGuy, Not much time worrying about boob's. I have had heart problems over the past 6 years, nine operations and procedures. From A-fib cardio versions, ablations, 5 way bypass and a wireless pace-makers installed inside my left ventricular. Doctors say I have congestive heart failure, and a couple minor issues. The good news is I'm 84 and feel fine. Yesterday, I got back to one session a week with my trainer, after 2 month to re-coupe from one of the heart procedures. I shoot pool with the fella's and walk as much as I can. Cheers William

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This simple exercise really helped me webmd.com/brain/home-remedi...

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