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Lu 177 through managed access.

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My husband got Lu 177 through Novartis managed access program. PSMA testing was required and then we worked with Fox Chase Cancer Center to get FDA and Fox’s regulatory board approval. We initiated the treatment by contacting Novartis.

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Sounds like a real work around.. good luck

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How long did the process take? We were told it would be around 8weeks ....and are unsure about waiting

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Jennifer1800 in reply to ellie2211

I am Julson's daughter. 8 weeks sounds about right. The process for my dad was unfortunately a bit longer as he was the first to go the managed access route for LU at Fox Chase so there was a learning curve. There really were no other options for my dad as he wasn't strong enough to go abroad for the treatment.

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ellie2211 in reply to Jennifer1800

Thank you for your reply. I am a daughter too. I hope it works for your dad 💪

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Thank you very much for this info. I have been asking my VA Palo Alto for this treatment for 2 years now, I was told by my Oncologist that he does not have access to the LU and if he did he would do it as the VA has everything else needed. Your husband is lucky to have you as his wife. Are there any other tips you can share?

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Jennifer1800 in reply to Seebs9

I am Julson's daughter. You need an oncologist who is willing to go to bat for you and someone who is knowledgable with the managed access process. Unfortunately, it seems many doctors are not even aware of the managed access route. Ultimately, there was a wonderfully knowledgable woman who is the Director of Research Compliance at Fox Chase who made it happen for my dad. He was the first one to get the treatment at Fox Chase. It does take some time to work through the system. He had his first treatment 2 weeks ago and is scheduled for 3 more. Best of luck to you.

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Seebs9 in reply to Jennifer1800

Thanks. I just got a reply from my oncologist, he said I had to go through radiation then Chemo before even thinking about LU. Thank you for your quick response, maybe I need to get away from the VA. You could be the daughter I never had...

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Jennifer1800 in reply to Seebs9

I have found over the many years that my dad has been treating that the facility is less important than the doctor. The best doctor my dad had was Snuffy Myers and he had his own practice. By comparison, my dad's first oncologist (16 years ago) was with Hopkins and he told my dad that nothing he did would extend his life. Hopefully your doctor at the VA is fighting for you! Best of luck to you!!

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6357axbz in reply to Jennifer1800

Did your dad have chemo? I dont see it in his profile.

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Jennifer1800 in reply to 6357axbz

Yes, he did. It really beat him up. I believe Novartis only agreed to provide the LU because my dad did exhaust all other options and did not qualify for any available clinical trials.

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I'm looking for oncologinst (preferably in California), who would agree to do application for Novartis managed access program. I'm ready to pay for his/her time to do this work. I'm not eligible to clinical trials because I cannot agree to castration and chemotherapy.

Please help.

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