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Brain surgery superstar

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Yesterday was a very long day. We reported to the hospital at 10:00 a.m. Jeff’s actual surgery was approximately 3 hours long, but it was nearly 8:00 p.m. before we were alerted he was in recovery. We finally got to see him again around 10:00 p.m.

As you can imagine, Jeff was a little groggy and utterly exhausted. Considering the circumstances, he looked great and he sounded completely cognitive.

His neurosurgeon limited the time he was allowed to have visitors as he didn’t want Jeff overstimulated. They didn’t have to force the time constraints. Once we saw Jeff was doing well and ensured his nurses were meeting his needs, we left so he could get some sleep.

Jeff had already had a super long day and while in progressive care, medical staff would be in and out of his room every hour primarily doing neurological tests. We all knew he was in for a very long night as nurses fussed over his well being. His overnight nurse was absolutely fantastic. When we left, I knew Jeff was in phenomenal care.

Jeff saw his surgeon this morning and it sounds as if they will be transferring him to a normal room today and he’s still on track to be discharged tomorrow!

I don’t have much of a medical update at this point. The surgeon called last night to let us know Jeff had been taken to recovery. He spoke favorably of Jeff’s condition and a successful surgery, but he didn’t elaborate on details.


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Wow! What a scar .. like a shark bite. I pray that his young age can help him overcome all . 🙏🙏🙏❤️With love miracles happen ❤️

That is one impressive scar! You must all be exhausted after such a long, stressful day. Caring nurses are a real godsend during these difficult times. Please keep us posted on Jeff’s recovery.

He'd never get through an airport scan at this pt. but the explanation should be easy..... Best of luck. Looks good to me...carry on Life is Good.

Oh my gosh. That beats my forehead wound picture I posted. Keep us posted how Jeff is doing and how successful the surgery was. That thing looks like a zipper. I know this is as stressful for you as it is for Jeff. Sounds like he’s doing ok …. I’ll send out my best thoughts ( transfer of merit ) for both of you. Big hug especially for you for being able to stand in there with Jeff, I know this is really rough for both of you.


Hope that jeff does well...

Thank you for posting this picture especially. Clear cut, nicely done, new hair style for Jeff in addition to the great survival benefits the wonderfully skilled Surgeon would have added!Great that Jeff is in the hands of compassionate medical attendants, sure to make the whole thing a miracle to save his life. I admire your hard work and pray for his complete recovery 🙏.

My very best wishes and prayer for his good healing. Thanks for sharing.


That is fantastic news, what a superstar

Glad the procedure went well and he had good people working on him. Prayers all ends well.

Hope all goes well with his healing and recovery.

Wonderful! Congratulations to all on a speedy recovery.

Impressive picture. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Glad to hear Jeff had done so well with his surgery. Praying for continued positive progress.

This photo is startling. Blessings g to you and your hubby thru all this

That scar beats my brain surgery scar hands down! 👍 Good luck with airport security😎

Dear Pancake/Jeff,

My very best to you two...prayers being sent for Jeff!

My son in law is a neurosurgeon in Chicago and was curious where Jeff is being treated and who is his neurosurgeon?

Mayo Clinic, Rochester- Dr. Terence C. Burns

He is in good hands!

I edited my response. I inadvertently typed the wrong first name 🤦‍♀️ If your son-in-law is acquainted with Dr. Burns, hopefully he realized my error. (I’m not even the one who had brain surgery ! LOL)

Despite my typo, I would have to agree that Jeff was in phenomenal care.

We had such great trust and confidence with the entire neurosurgery department. While the procedure and circumstances were frightening, believing in Jeff’s team certainly provided comfort.

After Jeff’s surgery, Dr. Burns had a preexisting engagement out of town. In lieu of only seeing the Neurosurgery Specialist, Dr. Nitesh P Patel, post op, Dr. Terence C Burns made time to personally see Jeff prior to his departure.


Ask Jeff if he doesn't mind me using his head tracks for my toy train.. We can call it the train on the brain.....Also give him my best regards and he's a Hero....As far as being a superstar I have him beat....because I beat the superstar rapper "50 cent" since I rap under the tag "Dollar Bill" and I'm twice as good.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 09/10/2021 8:01 PM DST

Great news and prayers for a quick recovery. God Bless you both🙏🏻

Thank you for the update. We're all cheering you on and surrounding you both in prayer. What a picture! Oh my!!

I read all of your recent posts...this all sounds kind of crazy quick. Brain surgery sounds....scary. I know the puppy will add joy. My little Sparky is the light of my life.big hugs,


If only you could have seen Jeff’s face light up when we walked in with little Mattie. The whole room brightened!

Currently Mattie is just a teeny thing. She was immediately drawn to Jeff and she promptly snuggled down on his chest. It was the sweetest moment.

Jeff looks all set for Halloween!

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Pancake_Lefse in reply to 33Ford

😂 yep!

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