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Lutetium-177 Prostate Cancer Scan Results Video

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Hi fellow PC warriors,

I wanted to share a video we made with Dr. Ishita Sen explaining the PSMA scan results after having one injection of LU-177.

I'm using this therapy for my first and primary treatment of metastatic prostate cancer. I went to New Delhi in March for my first treatment and then returned to New Delhi for my second treatment in May. This is when we recorded (with my doctor's permission) Dr. Sen giving my treatment results comparing the PSMA scans.

As of June, my PSA remains at 2.9. We will be returning to New Delhi in July for a third treatment and will post results after we return.

Dr. Ishita Sen is the Director and Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging at Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) in Gurgaon.

If you would like more information on LU-177 therapy in New Delhi, contact patient advocate Manav Sadhwani at

The Youtube video can be viewed here>

Best to all, Greg

15 Replies
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How cool was that? I hope you get a long durable remission from your treatments.

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Awesome thanks for sharing wish I could have seen my results during the trial. My plan is to rechallenge LU-177 after it is approved in the US. Currently doing taxitere 3 weeks on one week off until it doesn't work then add something else. Good luck in your journey.

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Wow Greg....seems like you were "at the right place at the right time". GREAT results and how lucky you were to know about and to be able to get this treatment as a "first line". Radiation/chemo/Provenge...NONE of them are fun! John

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So basically she is a pioneer in using it as a front line treatment. Successfully. Where is everybody else.

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Are you basically part of a first wave of primary treatment patients who will serve to help establish effectiveness as 1st line treatment? Or does such a study already exist?

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Anomalous in reply to maley2711

Dr. Sen told me that are some studies “sugggesting” it may be better as an initial treatment but that standard of care right now is after castration resistance is achieved. So I am glad someone is trying something different

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GregHouston in reply to Anomalous

No, I am not involved in a study. I'm just doing this my own way after researching my best treatment options. Currently there's several new clinical studies in Australia that use LU-177 as an upfront treatment (before other standards of care with ADT) and early data looks extremely promising.

I'm incredibly fortunate that Dr. Sen was willing to take me on as a patient. Initially, through email correspondence, she informed me of Fortis's guidelines of the normal standards of care which are based upon currently published research, which uses ADT, and other treatments first and LU-177 as a later option. After that, she said that if I wanted to get this treatment, it would be available to me. I'm guessing that probably the fact that I had just had a PSMA scan done in Houston added more support to her willingness to work with me. The first PSMA scan showed the cancer and lymph nodes and also proved that I was PSMA-avid which basically means that the LU-177 PSMA radiation could possibly work for me.

A few months ago I sent a text to Dr. Sen to see if LU-177 treatment could be used for someone with cancer confined to just the prostate. She “reminded” me that LU-177 works systemically and there are other treatment options for that stage of cancer. She definitely understands the potentiality and side effects of radiological treatments and does it with great repect. I think with the new FDA approval of PSMA scans, there is going to be an unfortunate rise in the number metastatic prostate cancer cases being newly diagnosed. Knowing early on though can make for better treatment decisions.

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Anomalous in reply to GregHouston

You’re doing a great service, Greg. Thank you

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Great imaging, thanks

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Wow! So impressive. Nothing like a picture to demonstrate what is often a lengthy complex report that most patients don’t understand. Your video is great, she is good at explaining and most important you responded to the treatment. This gives many of us hope now that it is FDA approved.

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Greg, fabulous results. PSA of 2.9 and you still have a prostate, is that correct? Sounds like you have little to no cancer left. How high did your PSA get before the first treatment? Do you have any side effects? I noticed she mentioned the saliva glands. Is the third treatment the last one planned for now? Thanks for this amazing information.

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GregHouston in reply to LeeLiam

Yes, I still have my prostate. In 2020, after having a prostate biospy, my PSA rose to 31. It fell to 17 a month after I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis in December from consuming way way way too much Reshi/Ganoderma herbal concotion that I big-gulped before I got a very painful lesson. More is not better, so don't be a Greg. Not sure why it dropped to 17 but it could have been the IV antibiotics, not having solid food and being fed through a tube going directly into my heart for two weeks or even possibly the herbs but something definitely reduced the numbers.

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Hi Greg,

Can you please update how is your PSA now after 3rd treatment and do you have any side effects?

Thank you!

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GregHouston in reply to CurrentSEO

Sure! I had my 3rd LU177 treatment the first week in August. I experienced a bit of dry mouth, but nothing very severe. It resolved in about 3-5 days. I did have a bit of low red/white blood counts that were just borderline low. Counts are bouncing back again and almost in the normal range. Total PSA reading last week was at 2.19 . I made a second video with Dr. Sen after my third PSMA scan to check on the results of the second infusion. Here is a link to the video:

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Greg, thank you very much for the update!

Looks like a great result for a man with the prostate, let’s hope 🤞 PSA stays at the same level and next scan is clear.

Stay healthy👍

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