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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Proud and honored to announce that Cleodwoman is now moderator of the Prostate Cancer Caregivers group.

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Proud and honored to announce that Cleodwoman is now moderator of the Prostate Cancer Caregivers group. With a special interest in grief, loss and learning, Cleodwoman brings her experience as Cleodman's wife and caregiver throughout his prostate cancer journey. Please share this good news and encourage all who have lost their husbands, dads and loved ones to share their journey at

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Darryl---great move---we need this---Pray my followers pay attention to this humanitarian need, and support this ministry. This is a ministry!


Fantastic Darryl..


Your the best!!!

Lovely Gesture:-)

That is wonderful news

Excellent and my very best wishes to the good lady who has been through an extremely dark time. One day the sun will shine again...

@Well done Darryl!

From the most personal and unfortunate way to gain experience about prostate cancer, this lady has found the strength to help others. She is impressive.


I think that is wonderful. She will be in inspiration to that group of caregivers as he was to us. I will have my wife sign up for that group.

Great news, God bless her !

What a wonderful addition!

Two thumbs up!

Very good news👍

Good news.



Wonderful news.

That is awesome news. I look forward to seeing her posts and replies! We are Family Cleodwoman!Wings aka Dan in So Cal


Her love of life and her direct touch with shedding robe...Gives us a new touch of life.....

One may say her husband is always there thru her

Only he shed physical garment

I look forward to her posts. Truly hope you are coping well Cleodwoman❤️

I am so impressed that from such pain comes such a generous and wonderful gift to others. Thank you from all of us.

Nurse Cleodwomen is a credit to medical profession. The doctor's spirit lives on in her. Thank you Darryl👍

Thank you Cleodmans Wife

Outstanding move.

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