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No place for politics


Recently we’ve once again seen an uptick in political comments and opinions. Maybe it’s the recent impeachment hearings or the current party primaries. I don’t know, and I don’t care. Everyone has the right to their political opinions...both sides. I respect that. However, this forum is not the appropriate place to espouse those opinions. I thought we were a community of people afflicted with advanced prostate cancer. Our focus should be solely on the issues related to our common we can best deal with our cancer issues, and what can be done to find a cure or at least a means of attaining long term remission, essentially turning advanced PCa into a chronic condition, not a killer, to share our thoughts, research, and share each other’s triumphs, and to commiserate with each other when one of suffers a setback or dies. I have no problem with members using terms like warriors, battle, fight, etc. They aren’t just military terms. They all have a more universal and metaphorical meaning. It’s like calling each other “brothers.” Literally taken, we are not brothers in the biological sense, but we share a commonality in having advanced PCa, and to that end we are brothers in a broader sense of the word. So I implore you all to leave the divisive political comments out of our posts and focus on the disease that is trying to kill us. Bless you all.

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Yes I agree, no politics on the forum!

Well stated, in full agreement. Carry on brother.

Great post, thank you for it.

I haven't seen what you are referring to, but I'd like to disagree. I so hope everyone is paying attention to what politics are doing to fund research, medicare, medicaid, insurance, nursing homes, pharmaceuticals, etc. What politicians are doing greatly affects people with health concerns and I hope everyone is watching. Not just for themselves, but for others too.

I too have not seen any political posts on this forum. But Buddy1950 is right. Politics does influence research and opinions on prostate cancer. I don't like the influence big pharma has on studies, drugs and the FDA. That is not political beyond the interest of this forum.

I follow this site closely and this was the first political thing I have ever seen here since I joined.

Agreed..... but don't ban humor... if you do, I'll have to shoot my twin brother on his birthday as soon as I can remember the date...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 06/09/2020 9:19 PM EST

See posts by RICH22i and Metungboy

for two post with politics.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 02/09/2020 9:54 PM EST

I’ll take it one step further Dear Sir . I’m a leftest liberal and no one wants to hear about that . I agree don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table . Although Freedom of speech in an election year is tuff to squash.. Half of our members are carnivores and many are vegan , Let’s not attack each others personal beliefs or pathways towards healing . If someone doesn’t have tolerance and empathy for other’s points of view they should not be on a social media platform to start . I don’t know about you? But as a castrated bastard I don’t need any external stressors . I hate seeing any of our members putting another member down for any reason . We are here to help not hinder each other . Human kindness does wonders for morale . Great post ..I for one am staying out of any arguments ..I’ve got other stuff on my plate , like practicing daily happiness. 😂😂and crying 😢 Take care ....🕊

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