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Chemo One More Time


Tomorrow I will start my 4th round of chemo with Docetaxel/Carboplatin combo. Since September 2017, I have had 16 infusions (2 rounds of 6 cycles and most recent round of 4 cycles) of this same treatment, with rechallenges of Xtandi in between. Last round and the round beginning tomorrow includes Xtandi PLUS chemo combo.

Have been in this battle since August 2012, with every drug, proton beam radiation to prostate and lymph nodes, and now much chemo as diagnosed with mets in liver in September 2017.

My question is: Anyone out there who has had this much chemo? I know the standard list of side effects, but wondering if this much chemo can bring on anything else?

Thanks. Best Wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

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I was diagnosed in March 2018 and completed 16 chemo session in a year. 6 Docetaxel and 10 Cabazitaxel (concurrently with Xtandi). I have not shown bone met progression but my psa rose very quickly with Docetaxel......55 t0 10.80 and slowly has been going up during last sessions of Cabazitaxel. Seeing MO on Wednesday to talk about next steps. Other than psa rise I look and feel pretty good the further I get away from my last chemo.

16 sounds brutal. I'm curious as to the damage suffered. What did 16 hits do to you?

vandy69 in reply to Escudilla

Lost hair 3 times so far, fatigue that is cumulative, but nothing out of ordinary. I have a port in right upper chest which makes the sessions somewhat easier. Have neuropathy in both feet but can still drive. Have anti nausea drip first and it works. Leave with On Body Injector of Neulasta to boost white blood cell count.

Best Wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

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Whimpy-p in reply to vandy69

Good luck Mark !🙏

Hi Mark-

I did a lot of investigation for a good friend with liver metastases (who had 7 infusions of cabazitaxel+carboplatin). There were a few trials he might qualify for but his AST and ALT levels were too high. Anything useful on your liver biopsy? Is the cancer positive for androgen receptor and PSA?

vandy69 in reply to Tall_Allen

Hi TA,

As I recall, no PSA production from liver lesions, so we are treating as if 2 types of PCa. Docetaxel for lymph nodes and Carboplatin for liver lesions. Using Xtandi continually to block receptors everywhere. On Trelstar and have been on it or its cousins since original diagnosis 7 1/2 years ago.

Have discussed Spheres for liver as a Hail Mary if current regimen ever stops working.

Thanks for all you do on this site.


Tall_Allen in reply to vandy69

The reason I asked is because there is a clinical trial at UW Seattle that you might qualify for:

Erdafitinib (Balversa) is available off-label, so you could potentially duplicate that clinical trial.

One oncologist also recommended off-label treatments with a other medicines: Rova-T or Temodar+PARP inhibitor. There are some "bispecific" and CAR-T immunotherapies that have begun clinical trials.

vandy69 in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks. Will discuss with Med Onc.


Aye caramba! X four wow! I don’t have any answers . Just want to commend you on being such a warrior againt pc .May this time you receive some benifits... ✌️

Hi Mark! Funny running into you on here - LOL! (said with a little sarcasm). I just happened to come by this site which I haven't been to in quite a long time. I had been wondering if I would still recognize men and their spouses who participated on here. It was very helpful back in the days. I do continue to think of you and Carole often, and I pray that, according to what you are saying, you will keep on being successful with each and every treatment. I read in "Whimpy's" reply that he referred to you as a warrior, and I definitely do agree with him. I remain one of your biggest cheerleaders in this fight against PC! Give Carole a warm "hello".

Susan Bishop

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