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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Olaparib(Lynparza), Cediranib clinical trial combo.

Is there anyone else on this clinical trial? I have to take this combination together, or won't be able to continue. I have to take both. The Cediranib causes me debilitating stomach issues. I can handle the Olaparib. My Mo took me off of Cediranib for one week and lowered the dose. But now the side effects are back. I've become resistant to all of my past treatments, hence the clinical trial. There's not much left out there for me. Basically like most, quality of life is non existent.

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Ralphie. It is so difficult to get past some of the side effects even if the treatment could give us more time. I completely understand. I had nausea when on olaparib. Had to take an anti-nausea med with it. Is it just stomach issues or that and gastrointestinal as well?


Hi Bill, I can handle the Lynparza. It's the Cediranib I can't handle. But I have to take both for this trail or go off. Can't take Lynparza alone. If that was the case I could handle it. The stomach issues are pretty bad. Keeps me a prisoner at home. But I have to go off of it. I have no choice.


Talk to your MO about Zofran if it is nausea/vomiting....not sure about drug to drug interactions but your MD or pharmacist can run it through the computer...if it is diarrhea, lomotil may be an answer...once again drug interactions....good luck...hang in there, brother...


Sorry to hear that Ralphie. You should see of your onc can prescribe the lynparza alone as mine did.


Thanks Bill. I decided to post to see if there was anyone else on this trial. And there isn't. My Oncologist said this trial consists of these two drugs and would be discontinued if only Lynparza was involved. I didn't take the Cediranib today and I was able to leave my house and enjoy the day. I'm leaving for LA on Saturday for a week to meet friends and I will not be taking that drug, just Lynparza. So it's back to the drawing board. I'd rather have a few months of quality than to suffer like I had been.

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