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Every 3 months lupron is every 12 weeks


Quick question . Is lupron every 3 months mean shot every 12 weeks? Example , shot given on February 12th then next shot will be may 7th. Is this correct?

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I have mine every 3 months. So for this example it would be 12th May. I asked a related question a few days ago about delaying an injection. It seems that it can be delayed possibly for weeks. However having the injection early in the US may cause problems with insurance payments. So if you’re in the US you may want to check on this.

HPpurple in reply to JP63

Thank you . I just want to make sure that the date would be correct

Mathes72 in reply to HPpurple

It all depends on insurance, had the same question last year,no early shots,nothing is done until Medicare ok`s

Too confusing having it every 12 weeks. Because oncologists prefer the Lupron injection to be done by a medical professsional (in my case my family doctor) it is much easier to book an appointment around the same date every three months. When I was on Firmagon it was roughly the same date every month.

HPpurple in reply to RyderLake2

He has both Medicare and the top tricare insurance.

nurses can give it u don't need a over priced doctor to do it.

It doesn't have to be exactly 12 weeks or three months. What's important is to be one day past the day that insurance would not pay for the next injection. Your caregiver's staff will know the drill on this.

MO only works on Tuesday . Are you saying that if he goes on February 12th , get shot then goes back May 7th , he will run into problem with insurance not paying for it?

u can get a shot every 3months or as they say 12 wks. u get more and it lasts longer its your decision.

Absolutely. I have just switched from so-called monthly to quarterly, but the fact remains that I get a appointment for my next shot as close to after 12-weeks as possible. As we all get our shots by appointment, I don’t see the convenience, need or benefit to switch to three months or one month.

As stated by others, receiving your injection prior to the 90 days may triger a responced from those paying for it!! @$2500 each, I know that my BC/BS (cadillac plan) has to approve the treatment!!! I know the girl never moves the date closer when establishing my next appointment, always further away. I’m sure its figured into that date!!!

As far as missing the date, I have missed on two occasions, while contemplating (for quality of life) discontinuing my treatment due to side effects. One was nearly a month while awaiting to confer with my Urologist!!!

Lastly, I know for a fact that the previous months injection is still in my stomach fat for up to 1/2 of the subsiquent injection’s duration or 30 to 60 days (I can feel both beads (for lack of another term)) through my skin. As long as it is desolving, you are being treated!! The bead is not just a casing / capsule it is a tablet that solidifies once injected and is solely the medicine (or so I’ve been told)! I clearly see a spike in my side effects shortly after my injections and I believe this is why although I don’t get much more than a “That makes sense” from my Doctor! Ps: my “X” Doctor!


Yes every 3 months for my husband and on occasion the date may not be available to see dr so we move one week in either direction. Told by oncologist it is ok

For six years, I had Lupron/Eligard injections every three months, plus or minus 7 days. Never had an insurance problem.


Maybe more important than a day earlier or later (except for Medicare issue!), how we know we need that shot?! In most cases, docs are getting a PSA (and/or testosterone) on the SAME day they give the shot, and don't have the results for a day or more. So, in fact, the decision is being made on the basis of a PREVIOUS SHOT, 3 or even 6 months earlier. Not good IMO to use such "old" data. But the alternative is to go back to the doc after the latest data are available (at a charge, of course!). For a long time I had a PSA at the local LabCorp a week before the scheduled lupron shot. The "FRESH" result was then available at the time of the shot. Would be particularly useful for those on intermittent treatment.

Got my 6 month lupron shot yesterday (Monday). For next shot they just counted the months to the Monday in July that was nearest to 6 months. They didn't count days. If Monday was a holiday am sure they would bump it to Tuesday. Have Kaiser Medicare Advantage plan. Like the 6 month shot, am a little sore, and will be for a couple of days. Guess other insurance plans may be different. What a jungle!

Now let's see, 30 days hath September, April, June and November......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 01/15/2019 5:06 PM EST

You’ve got it..

Just a follow up to my question. MO has the schedule for every 12 weeks on Lupron. Yesterday was 2nd shot, February 12th, than next one May 7th followed by July 30th. Scheduler said that those dates are the ordered dates for xygeva and Lupron

I was on Firmagon for eighteen months.

I had a system with the nurse that I had the injection as close to thirty days as possible, so we added a day for February and we skipped weekends and holidays as well but that was only for convenience really.

The half life of Firmagon is around a month so there is still 50% of it in you when the month is up so it is still active.

Firmagon and Lupron are not direct drugs, their action is indirect insofar they arrest the signalling between the pituitary and the testes so the testes stop making testosterone.

After eighteen months of Firmagon it takes an average of eight months to recover some testosterone and around half of men will never recover.

I had my last injection at the end of September but I still have my side effects, maybe they will fade by Christmas and I might have some testosterone again by Easter.

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