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Report on 100 men treated with PSMA linked Lu-177

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The effects of treatment were not as great as we wish they would be, but the men studied all had treatment resistant advanced cancer and were running out of viable options. It looks like only a small number of men had a very strong response but over a third had a PSA decline >= to 50%.


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We must remember that these are patients with progressive metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer after standard treatment with chemo and the new anti androgen drugs.

There are not data published in patients treated when they are in the early stage of mCRPC or in patients that are hormone sensitive.

My cancer was metastatic hormone sensitive located in several lymph nodes (pelvis and abdomen) when I was treated in 2016. One treatment took care of all the lymph node metastases according to a Ga 68 PSMA done 6 weeks after the treatment.

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This clinic in Bad Berka did early Lu-177 treatment successfully:

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What treatment did you do?

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I had 1 round of Lu 177 PSMA at the Technical University of Munich in 2016. They offered up to 6 treatments but with one the metastases were PSMA negative 6 weeks after the treatment.

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Great outcome for you!

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Please can you tell us what has happened since. Have you been on any meds? Have you been scanned again? If you developed mets again, would you have Lu-177 again?

Thanks for posting that here. When I scanned it earlier I felt that it was very positive with results that compare to other treatments, i.e. Provenge, for the number of months added to life. Yes this group of men was older and heavily pre-treated so they were running out of options and would welcome any.

It is also good that there are fewer toxic complications than with chemo, again especially for the older patient. I hope to see more disclosure of the numbers.

Tango 65, well aware that your Lu177 was done in 2016, I wonder what sort of cost were you talking about?

Make me 101..I got zero benefit


I am currently one of the lucky ones who is in current trial for LU177 PSMA.

At the start of the trial my PSA was 110 and had been tripling every month, my scans looked like I was a Christmas tree with bone Mets from my skull to my feet. After 1 injection my PSA was 37 after 6 weeks and PSA was 1.0 after my second injection and 11 weeks in to the study. I did receive my 3rd injection just before Christmas and will receive new bone scan and ct scans later this month but my choline PET scan before my 3rd injection showed no new bone mets and significant resolution on existing mets.

I have been told my results are the best they have seen in the study so I feel very fortunate. I do hope they can use my results to see what caused me to respond so well.

Let’s hope they can continue to perfect this medicine to help all of us.

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dadeb in reply to Jackpine

I’m so happy for you. This brings hope for so many. Stay strong 💪

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AlanMeyer in reply to dadeb

Outstanding results on your treatment. Congratulations to you - and your doctors, and the folks who invented this treatment.

One of the amazing things about cancer treatment is the way that the same treatments affect different patients so differently. The reason, of course, is that cancer is a very diverse collection of diseases. Its immediate cause is mutations in DNA, but there are thousands of possible combinations of mutation that can lead to cancer, all with very different sensitivities to the different treatments. One great thing about all this is that patients who are totally insensitive to one treatment might get a huge response to another.

I hope your good response lasts for years and years.


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