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Advise on Genetic Testing & Genomic Testing

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With the recent diagnosis of my husband and the possibility of this cancer passed onto our children & grandchildren. Which companies are the best? I have a phone interview set up with FORCE Peer Navigation Program. Does anyone know about this or have any experience?

Next questions/advise: Genomic Testing: What companies are the best for this type of testing. Since we are finishing up chemo on Jan 21/ Scans Feb 11th..trying to be pro-active on which kind of treatment will be next or what will work. I want the best for my husband and not play around with let's try this until it does not work, etc. Want to know the exact make up of the cancer cells.

Details of Diagnosis: Sept 13, 2018 PSA 50, Gleason 9, Mets to bones & nodes Advanced Prostate Cancer-No Pain which is a blessing..He is young- 63. weight- 179, Healthy other than the cancer. We are on a Ketogenetic diet. Try to walk everyday and working on an exercise program. We pray together and have lots of support from our family & friends. Making changes to our current life by downsizing our home. Hope to plan some trips as he loves to travel once we know the next treatment plan.

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For germline testing, there's Color Genomics for just $200.

For somatic testing, Caris and Foundation One are big. I'm not sure that they provide much actionable info beyond what you would learn from immunohistology. There's also "the liquid biopsy" from Guardant360 that looks at non-cellular DNA - the advantage is that you're not dependent on any one tumor, the disadvantage is cost - I heard $4000. There are limited treatments based on genomics.

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Thank you Tall Allen...

Well for those that Pray together, a Prayer from me that in the love and wisdom, and grace of our God, that you will be led down the right path, to overcome this bump in the road, on the way to a Heavenly Place.

Best I know, and have used, as my Cancer started with my great Grandmother, in the 1880's, and now are Gene Testing the Nephews and Nieces. As the Gene Mutations followed us to today---->is Foundation One. Nothing required to start, you begin by making a 800 number call, which you can find at their Web Site. An advocate will answer, and that person then becomes your mentor thru the process. They can use Biopsy Material, the Prostate if taken out, or a blood sample. I did it 3 years ago. But last I knew, they evaluate 328 Genes for Mutations, I believe they can provide the test for the Gene splice---> AR-V7, let them explain--also probably now the PD-L1 is evaluated which determines if drugs like Keytruda will work. They create an account for you, where you can seek Immunology Info thru their Portal, call back your Advocate, or ask to talk to a Geneticist, a Doctor.

Any Mutations found there will be a report on what drugs are being used today against that Mutation, if there is one. Also they provide info on where all Trials are currently located as to any mutation. You are 2 years short of Medicare--as Medicare Pays for this, as does insurance. You tell them what you have in Insurance, and I think they can tell you your Co-Pay. You get a Form by e-mail you can print, and your Doctor signs. If you go with them ask that you get a Hard copy of all info. I got both, e-mail and Hard Copy, the same time my Doctor did. So discussions with a Doctor, you will be prepared on your end.

There is some more, I missed, but ask your Advocate. We have dozens and dozens who I have recommended they use Foundation One--all were satisfied, as far as I know.


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Thank you for all the info..

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I don't care what they wrote about you on the walls in the ladies room I still think you're a mensch. I know you ask, what was I doing in the ladies room? It's coed nowadays...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 01/10/2019 6:56 PM EST

Check out Fred Hutch Gentelmens study. If metastatic, free testing through Color. Just did for our boys. It's free if you are accepted to the trial and they will direct you to upcoming trial for your mutations. Just completed it this weekend for my husband. I totally get where you are coming from. My husband's father died if prostate cancer 16 years ago and I want our boys to take if seroiusly.

Best wishes

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Thank you for that info. Met with both of our docs and they are encouraging us to move forward on genetic testing. It will help with the next move on treatment. My husband just completed chemo and we are on Eliguard and X-Geva . Watching him closely with PSA test every 3 mos and every 6 mos scans...Praying for him to have a quality of life for many years to come..

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Our local oncologist told us there is no treatment for any gene mutations so why bother. We have four boys in the family so I have a somewhat different perspective.

Hope you husband does well on his treatment. Sounds like he still has a lot of options if he is not taken Zitiga or xtandi yet. My husband ended his chemo in early 2016 and was on zitiga until Dec of last year. He is still enjoying life and very active. we are hoping Xtandi does good things too. He is also currently in a lu177 trial at Mayo. Am hoping to see the psa number at zero again.

Sending you our best wishes

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