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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Genetic testing found several genomic alterations

I have castrate-resistant prostate cancer and am just finishing my second line of treatment, which is Zytiga w/prednisone (PSA went from .94 in late September to 3.84 in November). My oncologist suggested genetic testing, and the results just came back. I have these genomic alterations identified: ATM Y2755fs, BRAF ZC3HAV1-BRAF fusion, ERBB3 S846I, CDK12 S343fs*8, W920fs*26, MDM4 amplification - equivocal and PIK3C2B amplification - equivocal. If you are so kind, please let me know if you have any of these mutations and what treatments they opened up for you.

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Here's a really good article that goes into many of the gene mutations in prostate cancer and the targeted treatments available for them. It's called: Molecular landscape of prostate cancer: Implications for current clinical trials



Thank you gregg57, for the link.



Hi gregg57, thank you so much for the link. It article is loaded with great information and I'm learning quite a bit while reading it. You've been a big help, and I really appreciate it!




Good Morning joeinwis,

From the results from a Guardant360 liquid biopsy, we discovered that my cancer had an ATM defect. Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers then prescribed Lynparza, a PARP inhibitor, which worked for me for about 9 months. As it retails for about $10,000/month, you must have insurance coverage.

Best wishes. Never Give In.


Hi vandy69, thank you for sharing your experience. My oncologist and I discussed PARP inhibitors, and it appears that this medicine or a similar one is in my future. Thankfully, I do have good insurance (I went 15 years without good insurance and stumbled into a job with great insurance just 14 months before being diagnosed). What a blessing! Best wishes to you, too. I hope and pray all is well.

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