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Can Hormone Treatment Cause Kidney Damage?

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Apologies if this has posted twice. I tried to do it on the app but it wouldn't accept the post for some reason:

Hi everyone can I just ask if anyone knows if hormone treatment can cause serious kidney problems. My lovely husband is going to see GP on monday but basically he has quite significant pain in kidney area, some breathlessness and a bit of ankle swelling.

His latest mri scan a couple of weeks ago didn't show any particular progression in the bone and lymph node mets he has had since diagnosis two years ago.

He has a zoladex injection every 3 months and had a chemo at the start of 2017.

Thank you.

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TommyTV in reply to GP24

You are mistaken. Zoladex plus Zytiga increased OS by 40%. I speak from experience, as I’m still here after 7 years on this regime. PSA@dx 571, 7 major bone Mets. PSA currently immeasurable.

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GP24 in reply to TommyTV

Yes, I was wrong, sorry. I thought of Zometa, which I did expect Sallyyy's husband to get. That can cause kidney problems.

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NPfisherman in reply to TommyTV

Congratulations to you....may your PSA remain undetectable for a long, long time...

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Evans71720 in reply to TommyTV

did you have a sharp decline in your PSA initially? I went from 1130 down to 197 in just 6 weeks. But I'm reading more now that says that could be a bad sign.

Hope you continue to have great success with your treatment! God bless

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ctarleton in reply to Evans71720

Evans71720, around 5 years ago when Lupron took away the bone pain from mets and dropped my PSA from 5,006 to 2.4 in four months and to 1.0 in the first year, I most assuredly perceived it as a Good Sign, and was very Grateful.

Hope your own treatment continues to work really well, too. Hang in there!


sallyyy, i read it can cause mild kidney disease among other things if used on a long term basis. Ankles swelling,fluid retention,brain fog,man boobs are all part of using female hormones for a man.

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ctarleton in reply to ARIES29

Technically, Zoladex and related drugs are just working in ways that reduce Testosterone to much lower levels in men with prostate cancer. (Extra female hormones are not being administered to the men.)

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