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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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New Veterans Bill Works Great

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I have a Medicare Advantage Plan...when my Onco wrote a prescription for Xtandi my out of pocket was $2200. I went to the VA signed up and got an appt. with a GP. I asked her if I could use the VA for prescriptions. She sent in a referral for an Onco. I got a call in a week telling me I could use my existing Onco. He wrote a prescription for Apalutamide which has less side effects than Xtandi and my copay from the VA is only $8.00


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I love the VA, my doctor is outstanding and the price is very low for everything. So glad I signed up. My Zytiga is $11 per month.

As disabled vet, my xtandi in $8/mo. Finally some benefits I don't have to fight for. Plus $700 cap for the year on all meds.

Without a doubt, the VA has saved my life...

There is no way I could afford Zytiga and Lupron. And they just paid for Cyberknife treatments that I finished yesterday.

EVERY doctor, nurse, lab tech or person that works at the VA clinic that helps me have been nothing but wonderful to me.

Yesterday when I was getting my blood drawn at the VA clinic in ST. Marys, Georgia. The nurse who was drawing my blood it asked if she could just hug me for a minute, she hugged me as if she knew me for 100 years...It was awesome

If you are a Viet Nam vet that had "boots on the ground" you should qualify for disability benefits as well do to agent orange exposure. Check it out.

Vets may want to google camp lejeune water contamination also. I was there for a couple of weeks, but think you had to be there a minimum of a month during the time period to be eligible for benefits. Water there is probably what gave me the prostate cancer. Not a republican but sure wish senator John McCain was still around for you guys. I salute all of you vets, especially gusgold and his 3 silver stars. WOW! My military career was more like an episode out of Mash.

Hey for 3 silver stars.... they should pay you for your meds. And me for being a U.S.O. commando.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 12/23/2018 7:42 PM EST

:0..... That's a WOW :)

I get all of my health care needs from the northern Arizona VA and they are great!

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