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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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I've Been Seriously Remiss

Probably many of you know this, but it never hurts to repeat. If you're ex-US military, "boots on the ground" in Vietnam (or stationed at one of the Thai air bases during that period) , your prostate cancer has a presumptive cause of Agent Orange and you can get (1) 100% disability from the Department of Veterans Affairs - which is a few thousand a month totally tax-free, (2) free medical care through the VA (and Dr. Graff, here in Oregon is one of the leading prostate cancer practitioners/researchers), (3) access to PX/BX/Commissary privileges, (4) other goodies from the feds.

Plus check out what your state has through their dept. of veterans affairs. Oregon, in spite of being a very liberal state is very supportive of the military/veterans community. My 100% disability gets me a break on my property taxes, free hunting/fishing, free access to state/federal parks, etc. The state veterans affairs people can help you jump through the VA hoops - although I was able to do it on my own. The VFW is also very good in that way.

If there are any Aussie Vietnam vets on this forum, you should check with your military department. The Aussie and US militaries are pretty close and you might be able to piggyback in on our benefits.

Now that it's the new tax year, I will use some of what I get from the VA to support this most excellent forum. To say that you guys are wonderful and have been a fantastic help so far is to make the understatement of the year.

Just keep your spirits up and enjoy this wonderful world,


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Thank you SO much Stegosaurus!


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Thanks for the reminder. It always causes me angst to see boots on the ground as my friend was 1 mile off the coast of Vietnam on the Enterprise. He has had prostate cancer since 2002 and no success with getting the monthly payments which he really could use. He applied a long time ago to get the benefits but alas no approval since he wasn't boots on the ground.

Thank goodness he found Snuffy Meyers a few years after diagnosis, but we are at a loss since Snuffy's retirement since there is no one like him in knowledge. We are in the Philadelphia area and will be going to a Rutgers doc that Snuffy recommended.

This site is very helpful.


Which Dr has Snuffy recommended Rutgers if I may ask? thanks Brad


Dr.Anna Ferrari



Shti..... the government owes you and all the Nam veterans much much more!!!

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 01/03/2008 6:22 PM EST


You are so right on the VA benefits. Just make sure you have an Agent Orange assessment from the VA. Do you know if my wife will receive anything from the VA when I pass away?


She also should qualify for Champ VA while you are here. They will pay for school, medical etc.

🌼 Jackie

Good wishes,


Yes, there are surviving spousal benefits. She will have to apply for them, however. Oregon also gives a surviving spouse benefit on the property tax break so don't forget to check on what your state will give.


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