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Nerve damage?


I had my prostate removed on 10/29 of this year. Upon release from the hospital I found I had difficulty walking due to intense pain. I also experienced numbness in my right thigh with periodic nerve pain (1,000 needles). My physician administered a pain killer via iv drip push. The foot pain subsided, however the thigh continues to be a problem with an occasional outbreak in my hips and up my back. This may or ma

y not be anesthesia related

Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

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I have not experienced this kind of pain, however I have a suggestion. HealthUnlocked has a number of communities/forums devoted to pain. There may be someone on one of those that recognizes what you've got and knows the possible causes and solutions.

To try, go to and type "pain" in the search box.

Positioning of the body for radical prostatectomy may cause a neuropathy afecting the lower extremities. I had significant leg pain for several days after my prostatectomy. There is some information in this article:

My husband didn’t have a lot of pain but left thigh still has numbness 5 months from RP. He had lymph nodes removed as well though so not sure if that makes a difference.

I get left thigh numbness off and on five years after RP. I never thought to ascribe it to the surgery since I don’t recall it being a problem back then.

You might consider seeing a pain management specialist to isolate the cause and maybe give you a cortisone shot.

Mine was on Sept. 21st and I have had pain in left groin and lower left back, also going down left leg at times. I have had bacterial infection however and I think this has had something to do with it. The infection caused by catheter . I hope mine goes away soon as well. Make sure it is not infection.

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