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Low-dose Naltrexone for pain


Came across intriguing papers regarding the use of Naletrexone (an anti-opoid drug) for pain control and even possible anti-cancer activity. Taken from peoplespharmacy.com website.

Early investigation so still speculative, but something to keep an eye on. Looks like it is being taken seriously by investigators.



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You might want to join the LDN site. I was a member about 5 years ago. Wasn't much there to suggest probable benefit for PCa, but I know a couple of men who were enthusiastic.


Let us know what you think!


My husband was on it for about 6 months when he was first diagnosed in 2013 - prescribed by his Dr. in the UK where we were living at the time. His NYC Dr. has prescribed it and he started it about 1.5 weeks ago.

Here's a documentary about it, titled "LDN & Cancer"


Dr. Khan of Medicor Cancer Center in Toronto is on it - he treated my husband with oral DCA for about 4 months - in 2014 - the side effects were too much so he stopped. But he did get a reduction in PSA from about 60 - 29 during that time. IV DCA which apparently has little to no side effects is among the treatments he is considering now.