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Confused! Need Information & Guidance

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Prior to Proton Beam therapy, my SO’s RO prescribed a PET scan which has revealed possibly cancerous lesions in neck & rib. He already has 2 cancerous lymph nodes near prostate. (SO had Cryo after diagnosis 8 yrs ago but recent PET did not show any PCa there). So Proton was abandoned. RO says he could do Cyberknife but not to lymph nodes & only when he begins to feel pain in bones! Instead he feels that SO should continue hormone therapy (Casodex) which is working. We are confused! Other Drs have said (before PET & discovery of bone involvement) that they could do cyberknife on lymph nodes but only if there was no longer any cancer remaining in prostate. Now that prostate is cancer free, SO wants to do cyber knife on bones as well as lymph nodes. Now this!! Would appreciate input from any of the community’s knowledgeable contributors who might know of recent research findings in this area. Thanks for all you do!!

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His RO is correct that there is no evidence of benefit of radiation to mets after distant mets to bones have been discovered, especially not with multiple mets to the lymph nodes, neck and ribs.

The CHAARTED trial showed that there was a significant survival benefit in using early docetaxel on men with multiple metastases. Two clinical trials (STAMPEDE and LATITUDE) showed there was a significant survival benefit in using Zytiga early in metastatic men. In all 3 trials the men were newly diagnosed, while your SO already had primary cryotherapy 8 years ago, so I don't know if insurance would cover it - all you can do is ask.

Several clinical trials are investigating other therapies like Erleada, Xtandi, and immunotherapies for men in this situation (recurrent after primary therapy, multiple distant mets and hormone sensitive).

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Thanks for prompt response. Would appreciate receiving info on trials. When you have a moment could you send links?

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There are a few that are active but not currently recruiting for men in this situation. There are a couple of open immunotherapy trials.

This one will start soon:

This one is at NIH:

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Jollyjill, don’t have the answers only compassion for you.. I admire all the partners that help us fend off the storm. Thank you!

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Your compassion - plus taking the time and effort to reach out, both mean a lot! It's good to know we're not alone in this struggle. Thank you.

I thank you for searching for help and being his advocate.. Luckily,My wife is in my corner also..She’s the reason I’m here today.. your husband and I don’t face anything alone..he is belessed with you, as I’m blessed with love... Hope today is a good day for you both....

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