Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Anyone tried Proton Therapy for Liver Mets?

Proton Therapy for Liver Metastasis from Stage 4 Colon Cancer


"....Three weeks after the proton therapy, the liver tumors were gone, and a pet scan confirmed that the liver was no longer cancerous...."

".....About 70% of the proton patients have prostate cancer. This treatment kills the cancer without surgery and allows the patient to live a normal life. While at Loma Linda, I met patients with a variety of cancers. Some of the proton treatments were in conjunction with chemo and surgery, others, like mine were just proton."

"The proton treatment is pain free and with little or no side effects. My treatment was Medicare approved and Loma Linda accepts Medicare. I realize that this is not a cure all, but in my case, it was the difference in life and death."

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That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!



Good Morning JLS1,

Thank you for this link. I have been in this battle for 5 1/2 years including proton beam therapy for prostate and lymph nodes (please see bio for complete treatment history).

I now have 20+ mets in liver and just completed 6 cycles of Docetaxel/Carboplatin chemo.

Will ask Med Oncs about this Loma Linda option.

Best wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

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Hi JLS1.

This is so interesting. I have added Proton therapy to the long list of things I pick up here on the forum that I want to ask our oncologist about when we see him again. Could you tell us more about how this therapy works? What is involved? How do you feel during it?

Best wishes



Hi Mel, I asked one of the top prostate oncologists at Northwestern U about this just a couple weeks ago when we went for another opinion She said unfortunately it is not useful for liver mets because liver mets are a result of systemic disease, and therefore liver mets need to be treated systemically, not specifically. I did not look into it any further.


Interesting though all the same, because it seems to work for some...

Best wishes



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