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Attempt at prostate poetry....

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Nothing can prepare you for the way I feel be you flesh and bones or Man of Steel

The strongest of faith

Start to reel

When the doc walks in

And says heres the deal

Your heart drops your

Vision dims,are you

Really hearing him

Life turns on a dime

Like being sentenced

To death but you

Commited no crime..

I stared out the window unable to speak....

Doc said something about aggresive cancer

Removing proststate..not the answer

They would turn me into a gelding..

Maybe 5 years is what i understood

After i had my little pity party

Got a second opinion...

Then the fun started

Been 18 mos

Side effects suck

Lupron and a double blind trial

I Dont sit around

And i always smile

Can still get it kinda up

Just takes awhile

For all of you guys in the same boat

Remember that even the guys in the white coats

Have a expiration date....we just found out that ours is a little more flexible...

Ill stop there....

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Well said! You captured this crazy ride we are all on perfectly! 😉. Thanks for sharing!


Guess its Lupron's fault ,reading your post brought tears to my eyes.

Missing the person I used to be ...

Love it. Thanks so much. Reading it from my bed in a rehab facility, recovering from spinal surgery (gift of 6 years of ADT plus radiation), lifted my spirits. Once I recover from this, facing a second round of chemo for liver lesions.

Best wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

Well said but I'd like to add on to your poem if I may?

Life goes on so don't give up fight the Beast with all you've got. Like the man said there's always darkness before the dawn so be strong my Brothers live on and on.

Understand dorke...i cry when i kill a mosquito now......


I am a bit of a poet, never published but writing my whole life, and Well done bubba! thank you for expressing what we all feel so well.

to Boywonder56: I'd like to add.

"Never expected this in my whole life, that i'd have tits bigger than my wife's.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 09/25/2018 4:49 PM EDT

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Boywonder56 in reply to j-o-h-n

Aint that the truth....

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