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Survival and QOL With Abiraterone + Prednisone vs Docetaxel in Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer

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Another recent comparison. Nothing earth shattering:


Our findings suggest that AA + P + ADT is at least as effective as DOC + ADT in reducing the risk of death in men with mHSPC and better at preventing disease progression and improving QoL. The NMA provides useful insights to clinicians and other decision-makers on the relative efficacy of treatment options for men with mHSPC."

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How do the side effects compare?

They discuss QoL, which presumably includes side effects. They use two standard surveys as per text. The claim is that Abi combo is better for QoL

I’ve been on this regime (Abiraterone) for approaching seven years. My quality of life is excellent in that I’ve still got a life to have quality with😁.

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Cynthgob in reply to TommyTV

I thought it was a 2 year rx? 7 years?

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TommyTV in reply to Cynthgob

I was dx’d nearly 7 years ago. PSA was 571, 7 major bone Mets, in pretty bad shape. Immediately given Casodex, and then I joined STAMPEDE with 1900 other men in the U.K. PSA dropped to immeasurable within 12 weeks where it’s stayed ever since. Quite remarkable I know, I must be a good responder to this regime.

Suffered all the symptoms of ADT, but Zytiga has given me severe muscle loss. A small price to pay for all these extra years.😁

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Cynthgob in reply to TommyTV

On zytiga how often do you have to be checked out by dr? When starting drug what to expect?

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snoraste in reply to Cynthgob

I think that depends on a lot of factors. I meet my MO about every three months.

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TommyTV in reply to Cynthgob


Initially, I was seen every 4 weeks for full blood tests and blood pressure, as Zytiga can seriously screw with your liver enzymes and blood pressure. Luckily, no problems for me, but others have had to stop after a few weeks because of liver impact. After 5 years, I moved to every 8 weeks.

Don’t forget I’m taking part in the drug trial of Zytiga etc. So I’m probably getting more attention than usual.

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Fitzbruce1 in reply to TommyTV

Tommy- are you still doing well on Zytiga? You are a special case that all of us envy! Anything else that u do that u could recommend?

Thanks, Bruce from Florida

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TommyTV in reply to Fitzbruce1

Thanks for your comments..

I’m still doing fine, last PSA was immeasurable.

Just recovering from a nasty fall onto my side after tripping up. I’m a bit unsteady on my legs anyway, and I was really lucky to just break a rib and not my pelvis where my largest met is.

I live life to the full, still working at nearly 70, enjoy a drink twice a week. I’ve got a really positive attitude, which was a real test early on in my diagnosis due to the side effects of the ADT.

My diet is unchanged in that I eat everything I did before, red meat, chicken but no fish (I’m highly allergic to fish).

No supplements, alternative therapies or additional vitamins.

Stay happy and enjoy life! It’s the best medicine.

Thank u for sharing your story

MedOnc is saving the Zytiga for use down the road, as I did 15 Taxotere sessions in 2015 and did fine with a PSA nadir of 0.1 over a year after the Dx with an 840. Now awaiting a significant PSA uptick to restart Lupron. Last shot was 03/31/2017. Fight on Brothers

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Cynthgob in reply to dockam

Thank you for sharing your story

Thanks for the reply. You are a special patient!

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