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Docetaxal killed liver mets!!


I've written before about my chemo journey but in brief, I started ADT in May 2017 with PSA of 7.5 and by Dec 2017 PSA had risen to 47. PSMA PET scan report said, in part, "Liver - There are at least 5 PSMA-avid lesions of similar intensity (SUVmax 11) seen in the right hepatic lobe .... one liver lesion as SUVmax of 20".

I finished 9 rounds of chemo in Jun 2018 with PSA of 4.6, and had a PSMA PET scan in Jul 2018. The report states "Liver - complete resolution of the previously noted PSMA avid hepatic lesions..."

I still have one active lesion in meso-rectal node and a number of lesions in mesentery. PSA is rising again unfortunately. But I feel a lot better knowing that my liver mets have cleared up!

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Best news I’ve heard all day...

That is great news. I feel better already.

Great News, Now go out and have a nice dinner with your spouse and make sure she pays for it (that will make you feel even more better or is it betterer?)

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 09/07/2018 6:58 PM EDT

Hi. It's amazing that your liver mets cleared up after Docetaxo. It sounds like you keep on top of things by having regular scans done that show if and where you have mets. Good luck and keep us posted. Mel.

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