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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Any experience with Appricot seeds Vitamin B 17? Results?

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"When someone posts a question about something that’s been covered extensively, please use the search button and offer some links to previous posts. No need to ridicule, joke about or make the new member feel even worse."

Agreed, that response should be reserved for those who repeatedly peddle, over and over Scientology, faith healing, and known unverified and unverifiable cures and treatments to susceptible cancer patients who come here for information on which they intend to rely upon to make life and death treatment decisions.

There is a difference between a delusional charlatan seeking to recruit followers and someone seeking information. No?


A proselytizer is not someone who is seeking information.

If someone is putting their ideas out into the market place of ideas, if those ideas stand up to challenge, then they are good. If not, then maybe you would not want cancer patients relying on them.

In particular, it is unhealthy for anyone to encourage the use of supplements with powerful active ingredients, while encouraging them to hide this from their treating physician.

Are you proposing that someone like that go unchallenged... That looking the other way is some form of laudable behavior?


"how are you going to determine wether their motives are innocent"

It is not about motives or guilt. Most of the BS peddlers believe their BS. That doesn't make the BS any less dangerous, does it?

Can they back it up with credible citations, or are they talking fantasy. That is the question.

If someone is peddling BS to cancer patients, should they not be challenged? If they can't provide some credible cut and paste links, yet continue to insist the Earth is flat, and insist we accept their fantasy, what more must they do to earn derision?


"oral h2o2" sounds interesting. So what is the deal about it?


Getting a little cranky aren't we? That was a fair question.


I would do a search for apricots on quackwatch.com.


What good companies?

Which of them won verdicts?

I would imagine one good verdict would put a site like that out of business.


These two anti aging docs lost their suit for $10m



Here is another about chelation scams.



The plaintiffs? Yes. They most certainly were paying by the hour. No lawyer will take a defamation case on contingency. They just won't.

The defense, most likely covered by insurance.

What would cause you to even bring this up? Really what would do that?

I have my theory, but please tell me.


I asked first. But sure, I will answer.

I do not know why. I assume you have a diagnosis of prostate cancer and are interested in the subject.

Now you could go use the Ustoo forum and maybe you do. Why you use this particular forum. I wouldn't know.

I use it because it has a generally higher level quality of information than does the Ustoo forum, in my opinion. The posters here are generally better informed than on Ustoo it seems.


"Quackwatch is for profit" ITCandy

Seems like they operate more like a non-profit, even using a .org domain. I don't see much in the way a visible means of support. I would hazard a guess that there is substantially more money in being a quack than in fighting quacks.

Of course, they could be lying: "Quackwatch operates with minimal expense, funded mainly by small individual donations, commissons from sales on other sites to which we refer, and profits from the sale of publications. The money supports research, writing, and legal actions that can protect many people from being misled." quackwatch.org



Yes dodgy. They must be funneling millions to these three companies and getting a huge cut. Especially for all the supplements they promote. Oh Wait... they don't promote sh*t. LOL

"Links to Recommended Vendors: ConsumerLab.com: Evaluates the quality of dietary supplement and herbal products. PharmacyChecker.com: Compare drug prices and save money at verified online pharmacies. Amazon.com: Discount prices, huge inventory, and superb customer service."


Looked around and could only find these two lawsuits.

First One, the Plaintiff lost.

Second One, And the second law suit settled with an admission by both parties of common sense that both parties no doubt believed in prior to the commencement of the lawsuit. LOL.

That would indicate to me that after the plaintiff started receiving their monthly legal invoices they had a sit down with their lawyers and decided to find a face-saving way to stand down. If you have a good case with real damages, you don't stand down.


"Quackwatch is for profit" ITCandy

Oh look, their lawyer says they are a "nonprofit". He seems like an honest guy, from a reputable law firm, at least to me. What do you think?

Charles Michael, an attorney representing Barrett and his website, said Thursday in a statement his firm took the case without fee because “we saw two multi-millionaire doctors who practice a dubious form of anti-aging ‘medicine’ trying to use litigation to bully a nonprofit website into deleting a news article that was completely truthful.”




"Acupuncture is an effective treatment for so many different ailments but they just label it as voodoo medicine." ITCandy

I have actually used acupuncture. It was administered to me by a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine who was trained in China... and who later died of cancer. He went fast.

Personally, I am fairly convinced that acupuncture works.... but only based on the placebo effect. Otherwise, there clearly would have been peer reviewed research by now showing something beyond the placebo effect. There is none that I am aware of.

I consider it to be faith-based medicine. I think it is faster and cheaper using old-fashioned Christian Fundamentalist faith healing in a tent.

I am actually fairly proficient at the use and physical expression of Chi in the martial arts. The flow is Chi is what acupuncture is allegedly based upon. Chi flows can't heal ch*t. They just can't.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. LOL


That is one way to process it. LOL


I ate up to about 30 apricot kernels a day for eight months, and after figuring out there was about 1mg of amygdalin in each kernel, and knowing that some reports said more than 4 would be toxic. I had read about 1950s / 60s Leatrile clinics where amygdalin extracted and purified, and then admitted like chemo, 1,000mg or more. These clinics were closed down by authorities, becausr they thought they did nothing for most patients, usually desperate, and after all else had failed.

While I ate the kernels, my Psa continued slowly upward, during my early years on ADT when Psa was below 1.0. There was not the slightest indication the apkerns did anything at all, so those who sold them, at about $40 per Kg were telling fibs, IMHO.

The myth was that the Pca needed glucose, and the amygdalin molecule has sucrose and benzaldride molelecules combined with a cyanide molecule which gives the bitter taste.

So when cancer cell absorbs the amygdalin cell, because of its sugar coating, it finds a cyanide cell that kills the cancer cell. There has been no proof this occurs, or else amygdalin would still be widely used. But the old wive's tales and mysths persist.

I also grew some cannabis sativa with low THC and high CBD and took enough to get high each night for another 8 months and Psa just kept rising, not the slightest downward movement. But the Internet was full of ppl who swore they had cures from cannabis, Dennis Hill said he had a fix even with bone mets but if you Google him you can't see much about him now, and this is typical of internet, and all just fake info.

We can't know the motives for their lies, but the world is full of them. It seems they like thre attention that can be gotten by telling lies and saying they were cured, and often its to get hired by some producer of stuff that is never going to give a cure.

I am 71, diagnosed Gleason 9+9 at 62, now on chemo, and I may need Lu177, Ra 223, goodness knows what soon, chemo may not work, just ruin my immune system, and what else I don't know yet.

Patrick Turner.