Advanced Prostate Cancer

Laetrile /Vitamin B17 as one protocol to use with other protocols to fight prostate cancer

I have seen trials that are being used where they hit it hard with combinations of anti-cancer drugs, I using B17 as one of my protocols for fighting my cancer also with Hormone therapy ,casodex radiation and cannabis oil. I believe we should follow our doctors guidance but also be EDUCATED on other ways to do our selves as a combination of anti-cancer protocols that are out there. here is information about Laetrile/vitamin B17

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I know a few men who have used it. It passes one's smell test or it doesn't, but it's very hard to build a case for it when there are so many other supplements with PCa studies to suggest potential benefit.

It is not a vitamin.

Some conventional views:

There are plenty of contrary sites, of course.



A free online series called "The Sacred Plant" just finished running. It was interesting but I did not manage to watch all of the episodes. It was about cannabis. I was glad it mentioned CBD oil which is legal in all 50 states.(As long as it does not have THC) CBD oil is supposed to be a helpful anti-Inflammatory. Did you get to watch the series ? if so, any thoughts ?

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I did watch a few episodes. Here re my thoughts.

A decade ago, Rick Simpson grew marijuana on his farm manufactured THC oil (also known as Rick Simpson oil) and gave it away for free. The RCMP closed him down in 2009.

The Sacred Plant team gives you absolutely nothing and asks for your money.

Can you see the difference? If you are interested in medical marijuana, go to There is whole lot more info on this site than was made available on TSP. This info has been publicly available for years. There's nothing new on TSP and certainly nothing worth paying for.

Its a safe bet that 'your host' John Malanca et al have commercial interests in medical marijuana plantations. If through their lobbying they can get marijuana legalised then they will male a lot of money. And they want us to pay for it? LOL.

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The sacred plant series did seem a little empty of content. I was hoping for more concrete information. Thanks for the reply! Prayers for you!


I did watch the series and when it wasn't mentioned what was the sacred plant was , I suspected it was cannabis, I have researched it and its has some amazing studies and results ,I don't take cannabis oil alone , I also do cbd one to one ratio. along with Htherapy and radiation treatments. my psa is at .4 at present. I will be done with radiation mid Dec. my goal is to see if the cannabis oil and cbd along with my protocols from the doctors are working together , I did read that cannabis oil works great with radiation and Htherapy .

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Prayers for you! I hope you get good results with your treatment.

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Robert, I do not believe anything on Cancer Tutor. A colleague of mine who champions alternative medicine refered me to Cancer Tutor, I was quickly turned off when I read this:'

" Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than a normal cell. Thus, a person would logically expect a cancer cell to create 15 times more ATP molecules than a normal cell.

But in reality, cancer cells create a very small number of ATP molecules. Cancer cells are ATP molecule-starved and they have to revert to fermentation to create what little ATP molecules they create.

With so much glucose there should be an abundance of ATP molecules. Why do cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose and yet not be able to create a significant amount of ATP molecules?

The thing that blocks the production of ATP molecules is a very special pleomorphic bacteria that is inside the cancer cells.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation and others believe the microbe is Helicobacter Pylori or H. pylori. In some cases, Fusobacterium may be involved as well as it is also known to get inside of cells.

While everyone has H. pylori bacteria in their body (generally in their digestive tract), how do H. pylori get inside of a healthy cell? Generally, it doesn't. But in some cases, an acidic diet can make this bacteria highly aggressive and it can literally drill itself inside of a normal cell to get away from the acidity in the blood, as discovered by Robert O. Young, Ph.D."

Say what?


This is Rotten I would like to know if cannabis oil helps with advance prostate cancer. The test came back showing that it had not spreaded to any other organs and bone. So I'm thinking on having the surgery instead of total radiation.


I am on this forum for my Husband who has prostate cancer. My Dad had prostate cancer also. It was local to the prostate. They gave him Lupron and then told him they should radiate the prostate and that it was very safe. It seemed to work but he was incontinent .. Fast forward 6 years. Dad has intense pain near where they radiated. It turns out the radiation caused a Sarcoma. By the time we discovered it the Sarcoma had gone to the lungs. My Dad died about 5 months later from the Sarcoma caused by the radiation of the prostate.

I would tend to pick surgery over radiation but I have a bias.

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Brothers and sisters, forgive me for what I am about to do.

<begin rant>

I wouldn't trust anything published on Cancer Tutor and if G. Edward Griffin, the "authority" cited on that website, told me that the sun will rise tomorrow morning I would reserve judgment until the morning before certifying that he told the truth. Please have a look at the Wikipedia page for Griffin and have a look at the pages cited by Patrick above about laetrile/amygdalin. Note for example that the mskcc (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - one of the top cancer research hospitals in the world) web page says: "Amygdalin (Laetrile) has toxic side effects and decreased survival in cancer patients." This is what Griffin and Cancer Tutor are suggesting that you take!

When someone proffers an amazing cancer cure that works better and easier than anything offered by the evil medical and pharmaceutical industries, they're trolling for suckers. Don't let them catch you!

<end rant>

Best wishes to all.



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