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Hi guys,

Has anybody compiled a current list of potentially useful supplements / medications / treatments etc ? If not I think it would be a good idea if we collectively made one?

I feel like it would be useful if there was an updatable PDF that could be stored online that collated the latest options? With a caveat that the onus was on each person to research each option of course and the list does not necessarily endorse any particulate treatment or supplement. 

For example my Father was taking ProsStay / Apatone - but the FDA have got their claws into K3 now so it has been discontinued and they have been forced to use K2. So it would be nice to have a list of other agents that could potentially slow down the PSA doubling time.

I feel like some kind of document which outlined options when or if a treatment fails could be of use as well? Might help people plan better, rather than ask the same question every-time a treatment fails or becomes less effective.

My Father is currently on his second hormone blockade honeymoon. His PSA in June was 4.2, and we will retest on August 3rd.

We are trying what we can to help slow progression to delay the need to start round 3. 

He has also been taking low dose thalidomide but it has caused some ankle swelling.

Any information on latest bits from anybody would be great?

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Yours is a great idea but difficult here due to disorganization.

Nalakrats, who is no longer posting, had a long, three part series recently about his supplementing ideas. You might be able to find his posts although there are varying opinions on supplements and seems to be no consensus, lots of arguing, differing interpretations, varying personal results, financial interests, etc.

i've been on Revlimid, a derivative of thalidomide, but for bone marrow cancer, a form of Myelo-Dyslpasia Syndrome, a DNA dysfunction: (del) 5q. I doubt it's effective against PCa. there are a couple of side effects that i'm aware of: can aggravate atrial fibrillation, spike blood sugar and blood pressure. of course, must stay away from pregnant and fertile women.

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taylor123 in reply to RICH22

Hi Rich, where did you acquire the Revlimid? I know Dr Bob has been using it a while.

My Father has tried Low Dose Thalidomide a few times, but always gets side effects.

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