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My husband (metastatic PCa) has had encouraging results on Casodex monotherapy: in one month on 50mg/day his PSA plunged from 73 to 5.2. On the increased dose of 150 mg/day the following month (Pharmacy gave incorrect instructions) after one month it is now 1.6. He takes the generic form of the drug, Bicalutamide. He will take this for 3 months then will have about 7 weeks of Proton Beam Radiation. His only side effect from the Casodex is breast growth & tenderness & yesterday he filled a prescription for Cabergoline to address this problem. Hope this info might prove useful to those considering going the hormonal route. We continue to hope & pray, not only for him, but also for all the brave souls battling this monster! Keep fighting!

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to Jollyjill: Thanks for the information. My wife calls me TNT (two nifty tits).

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n 07/20/2018 4:58 PM EDT

Just as a side bar, I did very well on casodex after radiation. In fact casodex lasted 5 years.

hi, curious as to amount of casodex you took. Thanks

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150m/day. PSA now 1.0. Be positive!

Hope your are doing well with casodex. Did Cabergoline help?

That was a Long time ago and I don't think I have that information in my files. Whatever was the standard dose back in the 1990's. Some how 40mg daily sticks in my head. Sorry I can't help more. Maybe you could call your pharmacist and ask.

Thanks, I will check into.

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