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Hi all Steve's PSA up again and alkaline phosphate oncologist has decided to stop docetaxel as he says it's not working Steve is weak from the sepcis and has a mouth full of ulcers oncologist said when he gets his strength back there is another chemo they can try is this the end of the line I'm so scared we are moving to Basingstoke in July what's is the other chemo x

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I'm sorry it stopped working. Second line chemo is usually Jevtana, and sometimes carboplatin.

I’m so sorry to hear it isn’t working. There are other che is out there that may work better. When it didn’t work for Chuck they put him on Zytiga. For him, it worked. He has been on Xtandi now for almost three years. You are not alone in this, we are all there with you. Take care. Charline.

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Thanks Charline I'm doing a 5 k walk tomorrow for prostate cancer loads will be there

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