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Fighting a rising PSA


After my prostate removal in '05 I developed a rising PSA in '12 of .58... nothing to be alarmed about until I noticed each annual check brought the news of a small increase.

In January of '18 after a couple of years of doubling we reached a level of 10.73 which got my attention. Already on an eating protocol for the past 10 years that does not include store bought food items, other than some leafy greens, organically grown, I began to look for ways to combat this increasing PSA. One months later, in February I reached an new high of 13.23... This really got my attention.

A search found a dietary supplement new to us, 4 MU. I got started taking 1unit three times a day, and went to a nutritionist to ramp up an already good eating protocol.

With a stronger organic, free range, grass fed approach, along with the new 4 MU in the program, I experienced the following: My next blood workup, just 2 months later in April, gave me a decrease in the PSA to 9.99. Now, after two months I am waiting for the blood workup done yesterday.

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Why didn't you have salvage radiation as soon as your PSA began to rise? Have you had a scan for metastases? Discussed hormone therapy?

Batman2 in reply to Tall_Allen

Well Tall Allen, these are some good questions. At this juncture and taking into mind all of the material read about salvage radiation, hormone therapy and several classic prescriptions offered by the Medical Machine in place at this time, I opted for a. Not damaging any tissues in the area my prostate used to be located,

and after a scan did not show any specific location to radiate. b. Again the Medical Machine offered hormone therapy, which once again I rejected not wanting to risk any lasting side effects. What I did do is visit with a Nutritionist so that I could have some control over sugar production from the liver and added a litany of supplements to enhance my bodies requirements to heal on it's own. What did come up on the radar screen is the food supplement called 4-MU which I did add to my supplement list to attain the first drop in my PSA ever. Read above... my goal is to fine tune the machine inside my skin to work against the invader.

CalBear74 in reply to Batman2


Tall_Allen played Robin to your Batman, and golly batman you are not listening. Do I hear the invader laughing?

Ramp7 in reply to Batman2

Any update with 4-MU? I was under the belief that it slowes the advancement of metastatic disease in relation to bone mets from prostate cancer.

Where did you obtain it from? Dose? Duration?

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