Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Mdandersen dr subudhi

We saw dr subudhi at mdandersen, all he does is prostrate cancer.

We feel good about him. My husband was just diagnosed at the end of March. We were panicking. We live in Atlanta and went to Winship at emory. Have had two hormone shots and Monday the second chemo. Dr subudhi said he would not have started the chemo, just the shots that kill the testosterone. He said since he already had chemo had to continue. Said only 6 chemo drugs.

Hope this helps.

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May God give you both the strength to get thru treatments and in to a better quality of life... These treatments take a treamendous toll on all .. recovery will be on the way.. it just takes time and suffering . But he can do it. Find inner strength to lead a weakened man thru hell and back into a loving lifestyle free of pain.. HANG IN THERE BABY,!,, like that poster of the kitten on the end of a rope with one nail hanging on. That’s us , during treatment.. Peace in the madness!


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