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After having RP in January I have just started Chemo Treatments .When I learned that it had gone to my lungs it was difficult to wrap my head around it.I'm 51 years young and am having a tough time with treatments after effects. It usually takes about a week and a half for them to get to a dull roar. Question is does it get better as the treatment goes on or does it become worse. No matter what gonna fight the good fight just wanna be prepared . Thanks p.s. lost the mustache due to it not worried about the hair and kind of thankful on the savings of razors lol.

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Chemo affects everyone differently. Mine was two or 3 bad days on day 3-5 after treatment. 4rth was about the same as the first. Key was good laxative and zofran for nausea. Also force yourself to get out of bed and get some fresh air and exercise . Even a nice walk. Seemed to help me and my wife who did chemo for breast cancer.

redbank in reply to Schwah

Thanks Schwah.I've been trying to get out as much as I can the weather needs to change up lol been winter here in Maine for a long time !!

Schwah in reply to Schwah

Yea I forget sometimes that California weather is a little different. Spring is almost here tho ?

Chemo does affect everyone differently. The first two I handled ok. The last 4 were horrendous for me. Was in ER twice and a week long hospital stay because of infections and fever and 0 white blood cell count. Last infusion was December 28th 2017. Since then, now on Lupron, Zytiga, prednisone. Had a colonoscopy last week. Will be marked for radiation treatments tomorrow. I live on morphine and oxycodone until we can start taming these tumors. I will be in this battle the rest of my life. But this site has great people on it. All in the same boat. You can check out my bio if you like. Keep up the good fight. Yes my razor got old and dusty too.


redbank in reply to RalphieJr64

Thanks Ralphie, I feel ya the narcs are not what I want to be on but they do help. My goal is to stay out of the hospital all though they are becoming more like a hotel these days lol. I have been on the prednisone from the start and the Lupron and get a Nuelasta shot after the treatment(lots of bone pain after that one) due to the low white blood cell count. My treatments are every three weeks (palliative care) so I am grateful for the reprieve in between. Fight the good fight #kickin this crap!!! .

Whimpy-p in reply to redbank

I’m stage four also and for us it’s all considered palliative care. You are not alone in this. In my thoughts PC has run rampant on us. It s an ..epidemic once you read these pages for awhile you will see what I’m talking about. It is basically life or death. We toil an inward aggressor until it or something else overtakes us. Stay active as you can . Occupy your mind elsewhere from APC and it saga . I believe in prayer and appreciation. I’ve had my share of gloom and doom and negative thinking.It does no one any good. It’s a dark disease that gobbles up our manhood and stamina. Not much good to say about APC except it gives us a chance to focus and refocus our priorities. I think it gets better with some luck with treatments and time to,accept our lot and side effects. As newbies you and I we see people clear for ten or twelve years then Bamm.. it’s back . I feel that if we get a slight remission or a long one we should not take that time for granted . That were I’m at now. I have many problems but I’m keeping hope and faith in good things. One thing we quickly view is our owned limited mortality on this planet. Live long and get healthy. Don’t give into fear and anger as I have. I wasted about half of my last 3 years being angry at myself and the world and acting out the poor me syndrome . 3weeks ago I started taking Sam-E a nutrient that is helping my joint pain and my bad moods. Good luck.. to you on your journey...

To redbank , welcome to the club. I was 53 and adjusting to no t is still rough. I’m 57with no visible signs for 2out of 3years. I am not bragging. Just lucky and thankful that I got pulled back from the precipice . Wishing you good luck also. It’s no cake walk. Concentrate on what and who you love. Others can answer any questions that come up. Stay in touch ...

I lost my mustache also.... when I had one I use to kid women by asking them if they wanted "TO TIE KNOTS".


j-o-h-n Friday 04/20/2018 6:28 PM EDT


The lung involvement is unusual. The big news, I think, at the moment is 177LU+PSMA. I suggest you keep it on your radar.

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