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What Is The Truth...Is mCRPCa a Death Sentence or a Manageable Disease


I was just reading an article, that with the new drugs like Apalutamide - Darolutamide - Xtandi - Zytiga - Chemo mCRPCa could be managed...this article implies only an additional median 1 year survival rate...so you have to take the drugs before metastasis. But, how many cases of CRPCa are M0....I bet with the new scans it will be shown not that many.



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On closer reading of the article, I interpreted the "survival" to be "metastasis-free survival". In my experience, even when metastases occur, one's Overall Survival can often extend to many years, using many of the treatment options that were mentioned, and several that were not, so as to "manage" advanced prostate cancer for as long as possible. If the development of metastases can be delayed, that's all the better.


I think it's both. It's a manageable death sentence, but if we can manage it long enough then we are no different than anyone else. The way I look at it is treatments are series of life extensions, each one hopefully gives us more time of good quality. That's really all that anyone can ask, isn't it?


I don't believe I am going to die from PCa. I am going to delay, delay, and delay. God has given me a strong back to carry my cross. With my comorbidities and age I already have one foot in the grave without PCa. I am in my 20th year of fighting he beast. I believe, I can get another five to seven years, if one of my other diseases doesn't kill me first. How about a nice massive heart attack in my sleep? I have Stage 4.

I am enjoying life.


Scruffybut1 in reply to BigRich

Rich thanks for that. I am only 7 years into my new life (5th year of treatment) and am happy. I don't fight this thing my Onco does that, I merely lend her my body as a battleground. She is winning! David Stage 4, PSA 0.030 for 2 years to date. 40 bone tumours eradicated with chemo

BigRich in reply to Scruffybut1

I am happy to read that you have a great MO. One way to beat this beast is to enjoy life to the fullest.

Have good times,


I echo what Gregg and Rich both said. In essence, life inherently carries a death sentence..we all die. But for me my dire diagnosis of 3-5 years. it has now been way past that, am I am still undetectable. My manageable crpc ahas given me a new lease and new outlook on life to truly see what is important.

Good Sunday Morning gusgold,

Almost 6 years into this battle (please see bio for complete treatment history).

My hope is to live long enough to be saved by the new treatments/technology like immunotherapy!

If there will ever be a "magic bullet" for all of us, it will be harnessing the power of our own body to attack and kill prostate cancer cells. We just have to be here when that breakthrough occurs.

Best wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

I feel that we should fight as if we can, of not cure it, at least delay it as long as is possible. To that end, I fought to get the surgeon to operate even though the cancer had spread to the pelvic area, pushed to start radiation as soon afterwards from the operation and argued to have Zytiga added to the Lupron that I was already on less than a month after the results of the Stampede/Latitude trials were published. I also fought to have a slid of a cancerous lymph node tested for sensitivity to PSA. At least 30% of the cancer did not produce PSA. As a result I have scans in addition to blood work to monitor for cancer.

I'm coming up on my 4 year anniversary of a stage 4, Gleason 9 DX. My PSA remains undetectable at <.006, scans are clear. I plan on being around for quite a while longer, God truly works miracles and the power of prayer is strong. Having good medoncs specializing in PCa is a blessing.

One More Cast...


I have had PCa for 18 years and was on Zytiga following bone mets for 5 years and now on Xtandi---so it is possible to get more than one year on these drugs!!!

I don't know enough about that particular medication but reading the posts and knowing my own story really tells me that everyone's experience is unique. The message that comes through everyone's post is to enjoy every moment we are here and extend that time for as long as you can and still have a decent quality of life.

It is very easy for me to get wrapped up in statistics, nanograms, charts, studies, etc. while none seem to really be an "apples-to-apples" comparison for my case, as may be true for numerous PC patients. I had a RP at 57 years old, (T2cN1Mx), followed by taxotere with Lupron. After seven months of my PSA being undetectable, it began rising fast (less than 2 month doubling time). I am now back on Lupron. Who knows how long this will work but the use of chemo later is probably not useful based on my history. This often takes me off the playing field for clinical trials and study results because it is a more recent treatment approach (based on stampede study), a smaller cohort and no scientifically significant stats are available yet.

So, we keep on modifying treatment plans to match the mutation of our disease until something truly miraculous come along (we hope).....let's enjoy every minute of every day!

Good luck.

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