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Off Topic, How to find postings by a particular person


I now know of two different ways to find information posted by one of our HealthUnlocked forum members.




A good way for recent postings may be as follows (thanks to Dayatatime for cluing me into this.)

1. Go to the profile page for the person whose postings you wish to see.

To do that, try:

a: Click on the person's name/moniker on any posting he or she has made, or

b: Bring up any posting by anyone and click "Followers" on the horizontal menu line just next to the big black "malecare" circular icon on any page. Enter the person's name/moniker in the "Find a member" field just below "malecare". Click on the member's name.

Either method will take you to the member's profile page.

2. Click "Posts" to see the original postings by the member.

These are postings that the member originated.

3. Click "Replies" to see the replies that the member has made to other people's postings.

All postings and replies are in reverse chronological order. The latest one is first, then the next latest and so on.




It's also possible to find HealthUnlocked postings via a Google search. This may be easier for old postings and postings by members that are gone.

To see all postings by JohnDoe on the Advanced Prostate Cancer group, enter this in a Google search box: JohnDoe

The results come back on a standard Google search results page. At the top of that page, just below the box with the search expression in it, you'll see a line of options that says:

"All Maps Videos Image Shopping Settings Tools"

If you click on Tools, you'll see:

"Any time" - "All results"

Click on "Any time" and you can narrow down the time frame. There may be a way to sort results by time, but I haven't figured that one out yet.

You can also use Google's Advanced Search at:

Or using this URL:

Note: Google searching of HealthUnlocked is not typically up-to-date. Google's web crawlers scan pages all over the world and can't check every site every day. So your search may miss postings that are in the last few days or even a week or more.

Please let me know if you see an error or omission in my instructions.

(Finally, don't neglect to click "Images" on the search results page :).


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Or you can go to the author's profile page, right? For example,

AlanMeyer in reply to Beauxman

Checking this out, I see that it works, but it looks like it only finds articles for which the person you are searching for is the original poster. If JohnDoe created 3 original postings and made replies to 18 postings, checking the profile page will find the the 3, but not the other 18. Google appears to find all 21 - though it can also find other postings that are not by JohnDoe but reference him in the body of the text. For example, searching Google for JohnDoe should find this posting, which is by Alan, not John.


AlanMeyer in reply to AlanMeyer

I just tested this, (site... JohnDoe) and it didn't work, and I think I know why. Google indexes web pages over time. Indexing doesn't occur at the time we post messages, and for most websites, probably doesn't occur on the same day or maybe even the same week or month.

I've added a note about this to my original posting.

If I remember (a questionable proposition for a man of my age and in my condition) I'll check this again next week and see if it worked.)


Hi Alan, Just go up top to "Followers" and click on it. You will then be able to type that person's name and it will have options to see what that person posted, all his replies, followers, following and etc. Hope that helps.


AlanMeyer in reply to Dayatatime

Thanks Ron.

I checked this out and I see that it does work once you know what you're doing. I'll rewrite my original post so that people will know about how to do this. It will take me some time, but I'll try to revise it by tomorrow.



Pinned for future reference

Alan.......This has to have been written by an individual who knows everything !!! Brilliantly written...I doubt if any of the people I have worked with, Drs. in every field that I have read explanations of new medications were written so any individual could hopefully understand as you have written your explanation!

Thank you,

Shyrlene (Sidnw's wife)


I have tried several times to embellish my profile but after making the edits I cannot get it to add to my minimum profile. Any suggestions??? Joseph, Newport RI

AlanMeyer in reply to Hidden

I found an article in the Help pages that may help you. See:

To get to Help and many other things, click the little circular face icon on the upper right of most or all pages and you'll see a drop down menu that includes Help as one of the lines.

I guess that's why they call it web "crawling." 🤔

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