Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Paul Back On Chemo

Hi everyone.

Paul started back on the Carbo yesterday. Same as before.

Unfortunately, Paul's liver markers have gone up again during the break from the Carbo. Here are the last readings:

ALP: was 366 two weeks ago and is now at 566.

AST was 49 two weeks ago and is now 214.

ALT was 34 two weeks ago and is now 118.

Whole blood count is 10.8.

So I think what we can see from the bloods is that as soon as Paul stops doing Chemo the cancer starts growing again. And it comes back even more aggressively. The whole blood count is a little low as well, but had improved from two weeks ago when it was only 10.

So we are, as always, trying to stay positive and hope that this time around the Carbo will really work a lot more; to bring us back to where we were a number of weeks ago and maybe even beyond.


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So sorry to hear this Mel. I know what you're going through and feeling. My prayers are with you and Paul for strength, comfort and beating this beast!


Please know that prayers are going your way. We are all with you on your fight with the beast.


Mel ,, I will send prayers that the chemo will keep things in check. At least it is good that his white blood cells are good. Wishing you both the best. We are all here for you in this fight.



Healing hugs, healing thoughts and healing prayers.



To: MelaniePaul


Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Thursday 02/22/2018 2:57 PM EST


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