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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Pots and Pans as important as the food we eat

My home cooking tastes better now that I switched to stainless steel. I used to have Analon nonstick pots and pans...now I use 5ply AllClad. I can taste the difference...hard to say if the improvement is just from having new pans or if the metal is more "neutral" than anything else I've ever cooked in. Which leads me to think that our cooking utensils are a critical part of our dietary concerns. Just as the ancients suffered lead poisoning, what harms are we causing ourselves? Plastic and metal bottles are a concern, too.

Would anyone like to research and write an article or blog post about this topic? If so, please do and email it to me at darryl@malecare.org . If more than one person writes an article, I will either combine the articles and list you all as co-authors or create two articles if one has a focus, lets say, on plastic bottles and the other has a focus on pots and pans and the other, perhaps, focuses on cooking techniques that may be good or bad for prostate cancer.

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I will send you an e-mail. The plastic bottle subject has drawn a lot of attention. It seems to be something I can handle.


I would be interested in reading anout pots and pans. Please someone do this.


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