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I am being treated at the Phoenix VA and was diagnosed with PC on July 3, 2017. After PT, CT and MRI, it was determined I had metastatic bone cancer (hips, upper femur, lower back). PSA 9.22, Stage IV, Gleason 9. 11 August start Casodex (Bicalutamide 50mg daily) for 30 days and 23 August received Lupron (Eligard) 45mg shot for six month. Next shot 14 February. 10 November woke with extreme pain in hips and thighs. Seeing urologist tomorrow and will ask to see radiation oncologist for radiation on left hip. Any insight would be appreciated.


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Sorry you are able to join our group.. With that low a PSA and already on Lupron, you should see some results pretty soon....get ready for the hot flashes. Check other posts on that subject for hints on living with them.... You will also join the almost hairless body group. I started with PSA 52 and after RP surgery surged to 62 in 6 weeks. Gleason 9/10 club. Then on to chemo with Taxotere. The pin point radiation really seems to help with pain from bone mets for most of the guys.. I'm lucky to have no pain from my 3 main bone mets yet... PSA still dropping, so maybe I can get on top of mine...good luck with yours.

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Thank you Shooter1. Very much appreciated. I had been on finasteride which cut the PSA score at least in half. I'll ask for best radiation sharp shooter. Good luck and keep me posted.

Sorry that you are here. Even sorrier for the pain you are feeling. You may want to ask them to add Zytiga in addition to Lupron. The use of two hormonal therapies at the same time has resulted in such good results that it is becoming the norm for treatment. For some men it has helped greatly with the pain of bone mets. Here is an article on it.

We are all pulling for you! You are not alone!


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Dr_WHO, Thanks much for your insight. I will bring Zytiga up tomorrow with urologist meeting and let you know what happens.


Your seem to have a similar condition to mine. Chin up, i am in 5 th year going on 6th. Being treated with lupron and exgeva. Did also start with casodex. First treated with radiation to prostate. Side effects to lupron crappy but better than alteranative. Keep the faith and welcome to our blog

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Thank you sir for your thoughts and insight. Will keep all posted on updated status. Best, Chris

I was diagnosed on July 1, PSA 105. Zytiga with Prednisone is the usual protocol. My PSA is now 2.65 in that short time. I have another Lupron shoot in January. Good luck. I have pain in shoulder and pelvis. Working to deal with it without radiation.

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Meeting yesterday with urologist and requested consult with oncologist for radiation due to pain in hips. thanks for your input.

So this slow growing disease means you do not need to panic. I have been on Lupron (Eligard is a generic) for 6 years, starting seven now. My sex life has changed, but that is about it. Xgeva is an injection for osteoporosis and was given to me when my bone density was low for about 2 years. Having 3 gold flecks put into me allowed the radiation machine to locate exactly my cancer cells' location. I had 72 radiations (first 42 then 4 years later an additional 30). So I am 72 years old with a pretty good life. Remember when you are on this site all of us have different cancers, in different places, with other diseases, other insurances, in other countries, different doctors' opinions, and different lifestyles. But we have a lot in common as well, so keep asking questions. I am grateful for these 6 years that I may not have had and I am able to do everything I want to do. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Hi JimVanHorn

I hope you been coping well. Just that you mentioned the generic brand Eligard I have chip in.

My current PCa is extremely serious. In my first encounter with a urologist in Sydney on my appointment he wanted me to go on the Bi Eligard treatment. In Australia that medication is on the PBS and it is very affordable, Anyway as I had just recovered from my surgery ( I still have s right ureteric stent ) and feeling good I rejected the treatment. My Urologist then said I could die if I waited 2 months.

It will be 2 months in 2 days time, I am still kicking and living what I called quality living.

Good luck on your decision and best wishes.

Hi Christopho

I am Roland and I had mine diagnosed 28 October 17.

Yesterday Dr Wassersug who regularly offer his expertise had a look into my case.

I suggest you investigate.

I could be s nut case but I do currently have all this freedom.

Can eat sleep make love no pain no fatigue and living a quality lifestyle.

Who knows I might still wake up tomorrow in a coffin but until then I will enjoy it.

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