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Moving toward a place for aggressive treatment


I appreciate all the feedback/advice in response to my first post. We have done a lot of reading this week and are leaning toward getting a second opinion (or help structuring an aggressive plan) on Jeff's (Stage 4/metastatic) prostate cancer. Simply based on proximity, i.e. a day's drive from here in east Tennessee, we are leaning to Vanderbilt, Duke, Johns Hopkins or the Levine Cancer Center in Charlotte. Anyone have anything to offer, positive or negative about any of these ? We certainly are not ruling out MD ANDERSON, Sloan-Kettering, Mayo...but just sort of trying to get our bearings. Also, does anyone have information about Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers ? We understand he has retired, but wonder if he is part of a larger group ? Or maybe know where he now refers folks ? (IF he even does.) Thank you !

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Good Afternoon Jscjac,

I was a patient of Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers for 5 years, he is retired, and he was a sole operator.

He referred me to Dr. Oliver Sartor of Tulane in New Orleans. He referred a friend of mine to Dr. Charles Drake of Columbia/Presbyterian in NYC.

Best wishes with your search.

Never Give In.

Jscjac in reply to vandy69

Good to know. Thanks !

I am a patient at Johns Hopkins. I actually got most of my treatment at Sibley Memorial Hospital in DC, which is now a part of Hopkins (not just an affiliation or partnership, but part of). My oncologist from Baltimore now clinics once a week in DC. I have never regretted choosing Hopkins. Good luck with your choice!

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Thank you !

Check into my guy, Dr. Robert Amato. A quick search on my name will show you the incredible results which I have posted about..

Gourd Dancer

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Will do ! Thanks !

If you haven't yet, check out the NCI designated list of cancer centers. There are many really great urologists and oncologists across the country, and being part of the NCI affiliated group helps you to know that they have access to the latest research. I go to the Mayo Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota.

I know that travel can be a burden. I have a local medical oncologist who checks me out every month and does my labs. He also administered my chemo. To augment this, I also visit MD Anderson every 6-months. They do my scans and ensure I’m getting the latest treatment advice. They work as a team. This arrangement has worked well to balance the strain of travel and cost while ensuring I get first rate care. Wanted you to know this approach is an option. But you would want to make sure both doctors are on board.

Best of luck to you and your husband!


I was a patient of Snuffy's, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 PCa in March of 2014, started seeing Snuffy in July 2015. Gonna miss him. I have recently started seeing Dr. Sartor, in NOLA, had my first consult with him last week. I will be seeing him every 6 months as I did with Snuffy. i also have a local oncologist that I see monthly as well as a local radiology oncologist that I see on a "as needed" basis. Snuffy was the leaer of my "team" now Dr. Sartor will assume that role but all final decisions regarding my care are made by me. I was diagnosed with G9 PCa, with extensive mets. I took an aggressive approach to treatment and my PSA has been undetectable for 3 years. I am blessed and feel very fortunate.


I had RP at JH in 2013 to which I traveled for treatment. They are excellent. I also traveled to Sarasota and stayed there for two months for radiation treatment by Dr Dattoli after recurrence in pelvic lymph nodes. He treated Snuffy and follows Snuffy’s regimen of supplemental meds like metformin . Dattoli referred me to Sartor as did Snuffy’s daughter who publishes prostapedia which Snuffy produces monthly. I have not yet chosen a MO since what I’m doing under Dattoli ‘s guidance is still working.


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