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Hi dudes.... I'm a 57 year old builder from New Zealand. I was diagnosed at 54. I had a psa of 5.6 but a very large tumor which had spread to the seminal vessels. I've had radiation and a year ago had my nuts out as I didn't want the chemical crap in my system after reading up on the side affects. I've been in remission since the nuts left. It was an easy decision as I'd lost all feeling in the third arm as the cancer had eaten into the nerves. I guess we all have to choose a road to travel and then stick to it. Things could be worse after all....

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  • Here's to continued success!

  • Hang in there! No question about it, the side effects of treatments for prostate cancer suck. There is one good side effect that makes all the others manageable, time. Time to enjoy life, family and friends.

  • Absolutely right....

  • Kiwidave- I'm also new to this great blog! I'm a Kiwi at late youth (59) living in Perth. Diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with a PSA of 40, 5+4 on the G scale. I had my prostate, 800 gram tumor and most of my bladder taken, along with all lymph nodes. Chemo worked for 8-10 months then went to Lucrin shots which worked for a further 10 months before my PSA shot upward. My Oncologist put me on Xtandi Enzalutamide and my PSA fell right back to 0.01. The side effects of the Xtandi are really hard to take in terms of fatigue as I work hard an travel the pacific constantly with my job. I'm very keen to hear you've gone for the surgical castration as like you, my meat and veg are no use to me any more apart from watering the lemon tree. In my mind, at least that'll rid me of the Lucrin shots. BTW my meds are costing about $5500.00 per month of which I pay $80.00 of that with Mr. Turnbull picking up the tab - do you have that subsidy at home?

    Anyway best of luck and the support on this forum is so good!

    Kia Kaha.

  • Napper - Have a look at the Theranostics Australia web site. They are based in Perth. My brother had a very successful outcome (to date) with their PSMA Lu-177 Therapy.

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