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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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what is the difference between car-t and provenge?

both are similar procedures, maybe even the same.

i assume car-t tries to get t-cells, whereas Provenge tries to get dendrites (Dendrion). not sure if this is significant, or how. both are phagocytes i think. the antigen presented must be different, assuming that both add a presented antigen. ...

Provenge is 3x, and car-t is 1x (i believe). $100k vs $400k but i didnt mean that.

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It is my understanding that Provenge (Sipuleucel-T) is an immunostimulant. As described in previous Papers:

"A course of treatment consists of three basic steps:

The patient's white blood cells, primarily dendritic cells, a type of antigen-presenting cells (APCs), are extracted in a leukapheresis procedure.

The blood product is sent to a production facility and incubated with a fusion protein (PA2024) consisting of two parts: The antigen prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), which is present in 95% of prostate cancer cells and

an immune signaling factor granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) that helps the APCs to mature.

The activated blood product (APC8015) is returned from the production facility to the infusion center and reinfused into the patient."

This most recent link goes into considerable detail concerning the CAR-T treatment that was recently approved by the US FDA for a type of childhood leukemia, and how it works:



yes, but what are the differences? conceptually.

Provenge comes back in a few days. CAR-T comes back in a few weeks.



They are very different. Provenge won't cure you. Car-T might kill you. "The first fatal adverse event due to off-tumor recognition by a CAR occurred in a patient with colorectal cancer treated with high numbers of T cells expressing a third generation CAR targeting ERBB2/HER2 [95]. The patient developed respiratory distress and cardiac arrests shortly after the T cell transfer and died of multisystem organ failure 5 days later." - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...




For clarification, both treatments (I assume) hope to infuse professional antigen presenting cells. What is different about these infused cells, their structure, or whatever is the essential difference.


Here is an excerpt from today's AnswerCancer newsletter (me=Rick Davis) who has the same question.>>>

Lots of news about CAR-T cells this week - but for me, it is not that different in concept from dendritic cells and Sipilecuel-T better known as Provenge. My lay understanding is that the dendritic cells pull the macrophages and T-cells into action much the same way as CAR-T cells. Hopefully someone at PCRI can explain the similarities and differences beyond the price that is five times more than Provenge!


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