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Chemo and Septic Shock


My husband had his last upfront cycle of chemo on 8/11 on 8/13 he started to vomit and run a fever. We thought it was from the chemo turned out he'd contracted Strep A and went into septic shock. He spent 2 days in ICU and 3 in the hospital getting all sorts of medicines and tests. He came home on Saturday and has been in terrible shape. If your on chemo and run a fever don't wait 3 days to go to the ER. Go right away😉

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Oh Blair that's so horrible. So glad you were able to get him to the hospital and they were able to hopefully help him to get better .Should he go back to the hospital since he is in terrible shape ?This can all be so very scary and overwhelming . A good thoughts and good wishes for all to get so much better for both of you .

Gentle hugs,


Chask in reply to erjlg3

It's not always the case, but very often you are better recovering out of hospital. Hospitals are breeding grounds for infections and the place you are most likely to catch Strep A or something even worse like C-Diff.

That said, I hope he recovers quickly and is able to reap the benefit from his chemo treatment.

Wishing you well, Chas

So sorry to hear that. That's a really scary thing to happen. I hope he recovers and glad he's at least done now with chemo.

I was lectured several times about this during a chemo class and also by one of the chemo nurses. The chemo nurse told me of a similar story and warned me not to wait even an hour if I had a fever. They really put the fear of God into me.

I think it was my 4th cycle, I started getting a fever. I kept checking my temp and had 3 separate thermometers that differed by around 3 degrees. Since I felt feverish anyway, I went in to the ER. My temp was around 100 when I got there. They did all kinds of tests and sent me home. By the time I left, my temp had gone down and I was wondering whether it was unnecessary for me to have gone. But you really can't take the chance.

Scruffybut1 in reply to gregg57

You know you did the right thing. Because our immune systems are shot we shouldn't really watch someone sneeze on the TV! I like many others have got so used to living with PCa I forget the important daily reminders to myself.

I am so sorry and I hope your husband will recover very soon. At least he is done with the Chemo now. With all my supporting wishes, Mel.

I hope he recovers quickly Ive just had my 2nd Chemo myself but had almost forgotten about watching ones temp thanks for the reminder.


I am so sorry to hear of this, I am glad he made it home and out of ICU, and recovering from septic shock, which is a serious event. Thank You for the reminder to go immediately to the er when a fever develops on chemo. I hope each day is better now as he recovers. Did they ever do nuelasta while he was on chemo. I also wonder what he is doing for cancer control at this time. I wish you both the best,


Blair77 in reply to Dan59

He's just doing Lupron and Casodex. We have the Zytiga but are holding off since he's doing so many antibiotics at the moment.

First thing my oncology team told me before receiving chemo. Do not play hero, if you experience a fever and it exceeds 100.7, go directly to the ER, even if it is 3AM in the morning. Do not wait. This is a very serious complication, any time you are receiving chemo.

yes a fever is a sign of a serious problem, my ER always seems to have a four to eight hour wait time. so sad I cant use them.

Is your husband starting to feel any better Blair?

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