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The Dermatologist - The God Diet - PCa


Every couple of years I have a checkup by my skin Doc. The Doc ran 3 miles a day, was on a 100% plant based diet, and was the picture of health. When I called for an appt. the number was disconnected. I did a google search and his other 3 offices were also closed. So, I made an appt. with another Doc I saw yesterday. I asked the new Doc what happened to my old Doc...turns out he is in hospice, on a morphine drip, dying of mCRPC at age 53.

Lets had Jim Fix, the father of the jogging craze, dead from a heart attack while jogging at age 52....Adele Davis, famous nutritionist dead from cancer...Eaul Gibbons, ate tree bark for breakfast, dead from burst aorta...George Burns, God, never ate vegetables...smoked cigars...liked meat and eggs..lived to 100.

Starting today I am following the God Diet...eggs for breakfast...4 porterhouse steaks a week with onion rings and a quart of Gator Blood ...rec'd by Dr. Nalakrats...who looks good at 93..see pic of Nal and girlfriend below.


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Thanks for the reminder that we only hear the success stories when it comes to various alternatives such as diet-based "treatment".

Seems like everyone has some kind of regimen that they are convinced will work. If I don't have cancer, well that proves it works!

I'm not saying we shouldn't try to eat healthy, but people need to be realistic about this. Diet isn't some sort of God to be worshipped and to find salvation through.

I think it's very important not to confuse things that are "risk factors" with things that are considered "treatments" or "cures".

Plant-based diet with less: unnatural hormones, saturated fats, trans-fats, chemicals, etc. is associated with lower risk. Whereas things like heavy drinking, smoking, excessive: red meat, processed foods, chemicals, etc. are associated with higher risk.

But there's a big difference between lowering your risk and guarantees of life expectancy. The individual's genes are a bigger factor. That's not to say we shouldn't give ourselves the best chance possible.

But be realistic. We are here to live life and that means accepting some level of risk. Try to eat healthy, but also eat the foods you enjoy. Moderation is more important than elimination.

Sisira in reply to gregg57

What a matured outlook gregg !

Eating to live and living to eat !!!



Nicnatno in reply to gregg57

Well said Gregg


The God Diet? Gusgold, no need to convince anyone that your idea of nutrition is ideal for all. Risking misinterpretation, this post is just plain silly. It has no value and reflects isolated medical instances. It's apparent that this post is an attempt at mocking the members here who endorse and support a vegan lifestyle. No need to search out endorsements for the foods you enjoy, it's your life, it belongs to you, eat what you wish. That being said, please don't mock those of us who have decided to eat strictly a plant based diet. After all we are all going to die no matter what we eat. Why post in a snide manner ?

I do appreciate the vast majority of your posts and hope you continue to provide this group with valuable, scientifically proven material and links.

Sisira in reply to Hidden

Thank you nameless for the good weed killer!


Haha good on ya!


Gus ,

Food not tasting like it used to for Me, I had the idea to get a Big juicy steak for the first time in many years last night and throw it on the grill, I thoroughly enjoyed it with some a1 sauce. I am sticking with no eggs for breakfast though, but that steak was so good.


Gus, I also want to say I appreciate your humor on here! I want to come down and go fishing with you and Nal this winter. ''The swords of battle are numorous, none more powerful than humor'' SJG

My Onc said that I can eat whatever I want because it's not doing further harm to the cancer. He said that fatty foods, sugar, caffeine and water can feed the cancer cells. It is all genetics to how we all respond. He did say to eat healthy for the other organs. I'm looking at it this way, it's up to the big man upstairs when he wants you to join him. I just enjoy each day and live to its fullest. Of course, we don't want to die hungry now. God bless us all.


Whimpy-p in reply to Nicnatno

Hey nick , what about water? I dont understand?

Nicnatno in reply to Whimpy-p

My Onc said anything we put in our body can feed the cancer cells including water, which is why my Ond said I can eat whatever I want. I eat pretty healthy with plenty of veggies, grilled chicken and fish and of course lots of water. I do this to keep my other organs healthy. My onc simply said it is all genetics.


Eating the right foods make you healthy in the same way that wearing a seatbelt makes you safe.

Hey whasup? He's dating my ex...

j-o-h-n Friday 08/25/2017 12:11 PM EST

I hope my dermatologist doesn't pass away. Maybe he hopes the same for me -- I am good for a MOHS surgery every other year at least. My latest just over two weeks ago. I'm not keen on a drastic diet. I just try to eat in moderation and not put on any added weight. My weight has been stable for the last 10 years or more.

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