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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Plant-based diet and Advanced PCa

While many here see merit in a whole foods, plant-based diet, a couple of our highly intelligent members here seem to scoff at the idea that it is PCa protective or that it is even particularly healthful to begin with. I have seen dismissal of Michael Gregor MD because of an assertion that he is blinded by a vegan bias. Certainly, I pay attention to these critics, but I respectfully tend to disagree. I'll be honest and say that I am less than 100% sure that Gregor is right most of the time, but I am more closely approximating that with each passing week.

Since the data of nutrition science is often way too complicated for me to fully appreciate, I rely more on the assessments of trusted others to help me form my impressions. Gregor and the couple of forum members I mentioned are among my trusted few. When their contentions are in disagreement, I'll tell you honestly that it has caused me a great amount of dissonance!

I have been on a plant-based diet for about a year now. It's impossible to tell whether it is helping keep my PCa from advancing, but it is clear to me that my health has benefited in other important ways. Examples: I have lost 30 pounds to get my weight in the ideal range and I no longer need drugs to control my cholesterol or blood pressure.

I believe Gregor has integrity. Evidence of that is in his reported business model. He apparently sells no products other than his recordings and book. He also apparently puts all proceeds back into his nutritionfacts.org which is not supported by advertisers and is totally free of charge. His latest short video discusses in part how the quality of a plant-based diet appears to matter when it comes to its capacity to slow and reverse advanced prostate cancer.


The cautions I've read here from some regarding controversial dietary advice for soy and flax seed consumption caused me to at first discontinue their use. The idea that the phytoestrogens in them might be harmful for PCa does indeed seem plausible. Now I'm back to using them, but with perhaps a bit more moderation. For me, Gregor's evidence-based encouragement of using them (with the caution that soy is probably currently best limited to 3-5 servings a day due to IGF-1 concerns) is a big factor in my plus column.

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Your results are from losing weight not a plant based diet...thousands of people following the Atkins diet had the same result eating meat and eggs and no carbs. In the U.S. the population is sicker than ever from cutting back on meat and eggs and increasing carbs.

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Thanks for the reply. With all due respect, I disagree.

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Using Atkins as a guide I lost about 40 pounds over 6 months. By continuing to eat low carb I have maintained that weight loss for about 3 years now. I still use cholesterol and blood pressure medicine,but I feel much better.


This presentation on Nutrition & Prostate Cancer has lots of pretty pictures of veggies.


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There is sufficient scientific research evidence to prove that our daily intake of food and lifestyle have a key role in the formation of various cancers and their growth and metastasis. Majority of people today has a basic understanding as to what is meant by a "Heart Healthy Diet" - A diet which does not contain animal oil or poly-saturated fats and also Trans Fat. That is why we are not supposed to eat read meat, use too much of dairy products and saturated oils. The glycemic index of food is important to avoid too much of sugar intake which will cause diabetes. Food rich in fiber will also help in this process. Food rich in anti-oxidants are important because one of the main reasons for the formation of cancer is oxidative damage to DNA of the cells caused by the oxygen free radicals in the body. Anti-oxidents will help the body to raise the immunity to fight and destroy the harmful oxygen free radicals. If we have not been concerned about these facts for many years and unfortunately it has been the reason fully or partly for contracting our prostate cancer, we cannot reverse it now. It is something like "You can't unring the bell" once you ring it!

But it is postulated with established scientific facts that the prostate cancer cells thrive on the above bad food for the synthesis of their preferred growth factors and on the other hand the food and supplements we identify as good ( Not all without rhyme or reason ) may hinder the growth of PCa and metastasis. IMO under any circumstances they should not be misconstrued as primary treatment for PCa. They are only of secondary importance and can only be used as limited support in the process of the main treatment. Caution also should be exercised if their side effects and the dosage standardization are not known. There can't be mysterious herbal extracts coming from the Himalaya Forest or Amazon Forest to treat our prostate cancer nor can there be a cure coming from the Aladin's Wonderful Lamp!

I should thankfully acknowledge the great link provided by ctarleton for anyone to learn how to select your food for healthy and long life in the context of cancer. I saved it to my file as well.

Thank you Manatee for your efforts.



I watch the daily video's from Dr. Gregor's nutritionfacts.org web site. I do take some of what he says with a grain of salt given his very clear mission to promote a whole foods, plant-based diet. On the other hand, one thing I really like about his videos is that they are all based on published scientific articles and he provides references to those articles.

FYI, I was diagnosed with a metastasized Gleason 9 PCa a bit over 5 years ago. I had external beam radiation and spent 26 months on ADT (Lupron and Casodex). I have been off all meds since October 2014. Currently my PSA is 0.2 and has been stable at that level for 15 months. I am on a vegan diet and also exercise heavily; I can't tell for sure is the diet and exercise is helping with the PCa, but I believe it is a healthy diet in many other respects.


People are going to believe what they want to believe. If you search long enough you will find a source that tells you beef, pork and dairy products help fight cancer. One of the many benefits of being on a vegan diet is that you are treating your entire body with nourishment while ridding it of toxins.

Recently a post was presented here that sang the praises of using Ursolic acid, curcumin and resveratrol. All three of these substances come from plants and fruit. In other words, vegan sources. I have yet to see an anti cancer supplement that is meat and/or dairy based. You can't have it both ways.

Dr. Meyers warns against the use of red meat, claiming that arachidonic acid, common in meat, causes cancer growth. However if a person simply can't avoid the lure of red meat they will find an article that shows it is not harmful.

Dairy products derived from cows milk contain sex hormones from the cow. Why would anyone want to ingest such a harmful substance?

When a person eats the flesh of another animal, they are eating what the animal ate, including all the chemicals forced into the animal to promote rapid growth.

A vegan diet combined with daily exercise is an excellent supplement to western medicine. If a cancer patient wants to find a reason to not to avoid meat and dairy products, they are only hurting themselves by promoting cancer cell growth.

So while you are enjoying your flame broiled cheeseburger and ice cream remember that you are fanning the flames of your inner fire. In effect you are turning a blind eye and ignoring undesirable information. It's your life, or should I say whats left of it. Enjoy.

Bottom line. If you have stage four prostate cancer you have been given a death sentence, it's only a matter of when the sentence will be carried out. It's an individuals choice as to what to eat and how to treat their body before the final curtain falls.


Thanks for the replies. I realize this is a controversial subject. I am happy to stimulate a healthy conversation. At the same time, it is my opinion that those here who speak in staunch absolutes about the causes of others' health outcomes discredit themselves by default. It is also my opinion that except perhaps in a spirit of lightheartedness clearly not at the expense of anyone else, this forum has no place for sarcasm or condescension.

I must agree with nameless9999 that people tend to believe what they want to believe. Giving up animal products may be something many people (and perhaps especially men) are unwilling to embrace even if they do recognize a potential for it to extend or improve the quality of their lives. I respect the dietary choices of others as long as they aren't militant about them. That said, I don't for a minute believe an Atkins diet used long term is particularly healthful and yet I know many do lose weight on one. I also realize that almost no matter how it is achieved, weight loss alone can facilitate further positive health results. However, that in itself doesn't equate to the means (i.e. diet) being particularly healthful. In good part, I think that's because the general baseline of the standard American diet sets the bar abysmally low.

I didn't intend to imply that I believe diet should be used in place of traditional medical advice and treatment, because I don't.

There indeed probably are a good many who eat a poor quality vegan diet and compromise their health as a result. It appears to take extra vigilance to make a plant-based diet work optimally. It seems to be critical that Vitamin B12 be supplemented. It also seems to be important to eat (among other things) several servings of a variety of daily fresh produce including leafy greens. A diet of mostly french fries and cola is generally vegan, but it certainly doesn't promote health.


We are doing a mostly vegan(just a little honey occasionally) diet for my honey's PCa. I have been cooking everything from scratch.. and IMHO the food has been delicious. I am using a lot of the cooking techniques in the Gerson Cookbook and the Forks over Knives Cookbook. We are using no added fats. But some of the foods naturally have fats in them. I figure if I cook delicious food he is less likely to cheat!.. so far it is working!

I am not sure if it will change the cancer management. However, my better half looks and feels better than he has in years... even while on chemo.

We have found that eating this way is just not that big of a deal. My younger ones still drink milk, eat ice cream and cheese and that is just fine.

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