Thanks for Being here. I'll be 59 this September 2017 and will see many more birthdays because I SAY SO. You Must believe in your own Divine POWER, GOD is IN you, Every spiritual way of life Tells you that, When will you believe it? NOW IS THE TIME. I started my treatment back in 09 when I went under the Knife and was told that the cells had escaped the capsule. I was put on luproglide injection once a month plus Bicalutamide 10 ml once a day for a year, then Lupron inject every 6 months plus the oral med. Undetectable ever since, but I get mad side effects mainly hot Flamin Flashes Hydrosis, Nausea a little and those damn Titties. Just keepin it real bros. I do take D3 and had a High bp issue, also developed Diabetes behind that mess, I dont have a family history. Mind you my diet and exercise is tight, I hadnt eaten beef or pork for over 15 years, when I started eating it again in 08 I got diagnosed with this 10 months later. Fair to say I was a commercial truck driver for 6 years prior and active duty military for 8 years + prior to that great life. I am thankful for the tech and medical developments that help but I know and now realize that Diet and Exercise is the key to all health issues. We must maintain an Alkaline physiological environment which bacteria and or virus cannot survive in. we need some bacteria to live of course but when our balance is twisted we have a reaction to that imbalance and call it SICK (sic) which actually means ?? IDK, and thats what we get from the Docs, IDK, I think but I am not sure. Thats because medicine is a practice, dont ever forget that. Change YOUR Diet, Change Your LIFE.

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  • How do you maintain an Alkaline physiological environment which bacteria and or virus cannot survive in.

  • Hi sorry just seen that post, the best way is to try to drink water that has been through the reverse osmosis process, that would be a water bottle with a filter or filter on your tap water, add fresh lemon juice if possible. No white sugar if you use sugar at all. reduce your carbohydrate intake, as less bread, rice or noodles as possible thatll bring your weight down as well. We all need to replace our protein with clean proteins, dont get it twisted I love my fried chicken turkey and occasional hotdogs and turkey bacon, but that stuff is truly bad on the system wit nitrates and carcinogens that cause long term health issues. again moderation is the key here, but some level of regimen is necessary so stay away from bread, its good but bad unless you bake it yourself, commercial is highly processed as with most foods we get from the stores. Go green veg most fruits and lots of water. I know you have seen the info on apple cider vinegar, its good for cleansing high BP, diabetes control, weight loss and body cleansing, a teaspoon with 8oz of water daily is the recommendation. If your not an avid workout person, walk for an hour a day as fast as you can, this would be your cardio vascular and circulation stimulator, enough cant be said about the benefits of a brisk walk or light jog if you can do it.

    So, there ya go there are a lot of other things you can do to reduce stress on your body but by far the most important is to reduce your caloric and to get some real exercise for those muscles, take your meds as you should but just pay attention to how they make you feel, ya doc doesnt know your body better than you and they can only respond or recommend based on what YOU tell them. YOU are a WORK in PROGRESS so make sure that YOU Progress.

  • Thank you, and thank you for keeping yourself going, dont forget that is YOUR JOB, Stay healthy, Eat to live, if you want a snack icecream candy or whatever, dammit have one, just remember what momma said years ago, MODERATION. I believe the number one reason we have this medical issue that THEY seem to not know why it occurs is DIET, more accurately what THEY have done to our food her in AMERICA. Most other cultures do NOT have this issue of Prostate, Cervical and Heart diseases because they dont allow even 3% of the foods to be processed on such a large scale as we do here. Thats one angle, another is honestly as Americans we have gotten really lazy and complacent allowing and wanting everything to be easy or at our fingertips. I could go in on that but not now. I say monitor your meds, monitor changes in your body, and take critical note of how you really feel after you Eat Something, dont just say to yourself it taste good and im full, Note if your sluggish, or get out of breath easily 30 minutes after you eat. Note you mind set are you easily agitated or not really focused on whats going on around you, is your hearing dull or diminished for a short period. Try Just 8 to 12 ounces of water in the am after you wash up before you eat anything, and sit or stand in the morning air and try to clear your mind for a few minutes, see how that makes you feel. Trust me you will see and feel a difference.

  • You speak the truth !

  • Thanks, from a U.S.O. commando...😄

    j-o-h-n Saturday 08/12/2017 11:17 AM EST

  • Hooah Commander.

  • USO Commando (United Service Organization) you know the guys who handed out the donuts and then made you pay for them. While you were in Nam I was home protecting all the stateside women, and made I Spec4 to boot. Hurry up and wait, the FTA motto.

    They once found a completely naked guy (with no ID) outside Fort Dix and knew he was a trooper.

    How did they know? you ask.

    Cause his ass was chewed out.

    j-o-h-n Saturday 08/12/2017 10:47 PM EST

  • If you'd like to see some more info about "Nutrition and Prostate Cancer", here's a link to the slides of a recent presentation by UCSF's Greta Macaire RD.


    She's "an oncology dietitian with the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. She helps patients with nutrition guidelines for specific cancers, supportive nutrition during treatment, and optimal healthy eating patterns to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and maximize quality of life. Macaire is a Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition (CSO), the highest credential given to registered dietitians for expertise in oncology nutrition."


  • I hear you about those boobies. Keep up that good attitude. I believe in what you say about God being within. I did need a reminder of that.

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