Combination Of Chemotherapy And Methadone

Hi everyone.

We recently heard from my aunt who is a GP in Germany about a combination of Chemotherapy and D, L Methadone which is very promising.

The D, L Methadone has to be especially manufactured. The dose is very low and has nothing to do with the dose used for drug substitution.

It was first discovered by Dr. Claudia Friesen, Oncologist and Chemist at the University of Ulm, that Chemotherapies work better when this low dose of Methadone is used.

Of course she went public with her findings. One doctor, Dr. Hillscher, took an interest in this and has been prescribing Methadone to his cancer patient for the past couple of years.

Of course there are no studies or clinical trials. The evidence is only anecdotal. However, in all cases they were able to report a dramatic decrease in mets, even in patients with brain cancer who had previously been told that they would not have more than a couple of months to live - three years on from that the lady who was shown in the report on ARD television, the public tv station, is still alive and her scans don't show cancer activity at all.

My husband and I spoke to our doctors here who, of course, are sceptcial and say that Methadone can only be prescribed as a very strong pain killer. We told them and emailed them the findings from Germany. And we are now hoping to be able to give it a go.

Just thought I would put it out there. You can google all this information.


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  • Good morning.

    Are there any support groups or prostate cancer help lines in Germany?

    If you know of any, I would appreciate the information.

    Thank you so much.

  • Unfortunately, I don't know of any. We are investigating this ourselves at the moment.

    Te email address for the Methadone lady in Ulm is

    but I have emailed them a good number of times now with no reply.

    My husband and I would really like to try this, and if it is not available here or through the doctors here then we would like to get it from Germany.


  • Hi Mel,

    I goggled for Germany help lines for prostate cancer and found this phone number:

    For calls from abroad and from domestic and foreign mobile phone networks , the chargeable phone number was used

    +49 (0) 228-28 645 645


    The support groups can be very helpful (as you probably already know).

    I just spoke to Prostate Cancer UK help line about using zytega and they were great.

    It usually takes a bit of investigation as you probably know already!!

    Best wishes for a good and positive outcome for your dear husband.

    Warm regards,


  • Hi Mel,

    If your oncologists are like ours, you won't get something that hasn't gone through clinical trials, unless you get it in a clinical trial. I hope this works out for Paul (in Germany, I would imagine). Please keep us posted!


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