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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Dr. Myers - Durable, Complete Prostate Cancer Remissions

Recent presentation by Dr. Myers.

Interesting how important Metformin has now become in his treatments.

& statins - although he seems not to prescribe if there is no cardio risk. Statins seem to have most benefit in aggressive disease, & I can't see why he would withhold their use. Men with low cholesterol & CRPC fit the profile of those whose cancers are probably making their own cholesterol - IMO.

He repeats something he has said before - that durable remissions are fast remissions. Get the job done before treatment resistance takes hold.


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I listened to Myers presentation and his voice sounded weak...I wonder how his health is and if he is still in a durable remission. As part of his PCa treatment he got double the amount of radiation putting him at high risk for a secondary cancer




It has been a while since he posted to his vblog, but I wouldn't want to speculate.



The expert (i.e., big name, but I forget which one) commentary I've seen on statins' supposed ADT boost simply said that there's not enough proof of efficacy to warrant starting them just for their slight, contradictory advantage.

After all , they do have numerous, potential, deleterious effects we must balance against their debatable ADT boost.


My onc basically said the same as yours. If I need them to lower cholesterol, then it's fine to add statins, but the studies that have looked at their efficacy are flawed. They look at a population after the fact, without controls, to see if there was corresponding correlation. But they can't say for sure that the people who were prescribed statins actually took them as they should, controlled for dosage or the like. So while he wasn't against them, he didn't feel that the studies were definitive. And, as you say statins come with their own side effects, he said that he wouldn't suggest that route if PCa was the only goal.


I was interested until he mentioned the cost

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LG's on statins.... Ursodiol and Metformin. Along worth the rest....triple blockade. He seems to be in a bio chemical remission.


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