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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Thoughts- 5 round chemo cancer stable, however blood clot and heart failing πŸ˜”

Little update on dad- he finished 5 rounds of chemo. Bone scan showed no new growths, all mets showed treatment. However, started having pain on left shoulder and neck Monday night. Tingling in arm but would come and go. Has had fluid Renton for some time and low blood pressure. They are now saying he may be in heart failure. Anyone been there, thoughts, suggestions? You have been my support system through it all so I would love more help. Thanks.

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One thing that has not changed is your Dad's and your mutual love. That continues no matter what health setback there may be.


Warning Signs of Heart Failure


If in doubt about some combination of the above common symptoms, perhaps consider getting him evaluated by a heart specialist, rather than just by a urologist or oncologist? It's pretty easy and non-invasive to stick some EKG wires on for a start. Some sort of ultrasound heart exam, perhaps with color Doppler also showing how efficiently the blood is/is not moving in/out of the heart chambers is another possible next step.

If he should be confirmed to have both advanced prostate cancer and a significant heart condition, it may be time to get a combined team of his doctors in the same room to review his overall status, discuss their findings with him and his health representatives/caregivers, and update his overall options, treatment plans, and his wishes for future levels of care & treatments. If in doubt, "drive the train". Seek the assistance of a hospital Ombudsman, or other such facilitator, if needed. Etc. Just some thoughts....


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He's admitted to palliative care. Last night chest pain returned. They medicated him for pain to keep him comfortable. Today more tests will be done. Please pray for him.


I wish I could comment--but I cannot. Appears the Doctors have control now.



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